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What you need




-30 jumping jacks

-20 kangaroos

-10 tempo air squats

-10 shoulder taps

-10 good mornings

-5 up/downs

Active hamstring

Walk the dog + pike pass-through

Hip opener

Spiderman complex w/ hip lift

Inchworm w/ push up

4 point squat

Specific prep

-Coaches choice


1A: Deadlift (3rm)

-Comparable to 2/8/21

-50, 60, 70, 75 and target 85%+ for 3rm

-:90-2mins between building sets

Record heaviest set of 3

(17 minutes to complete)

Alternate Options:

1A Single Leg RDL + Forward Lunges 4×8 each side

-take 1:00 rest between sets

-build in load if possible

-Opposite weight in opposite plant leg

-DB deadlifts

-20 KBS


Chesterfield (AMRAP – Reps)

12 min amrap

30 Bear Knee taps (15 each side alternating)

20 Abmat situps

10 Burpee Box Jumps

(Score total reps)

Alternate Options:

Bear Knee taps?

-:30 Bear hold

Abmat situp?

-:45 tall plank



-jump squat

Box jump?

-step up

Cool Down

*Coaches Choice