Today’s guest blog post comes from Prototype Training Systems OG member, Jay Chung. Jay is not only a founding member of the Prototype community, he is a savvy entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and family man.

Jay and his wife Debbie are the owners of Seoul Kitchen in Westford, MA, and former owners of Sapporo Korean BBQ right next to Prototype Training Systems (CrossFit Prototype) in Westborough, MA.

In today’s blog post, Jay discusses 3 of his FAVORITE and HEALTHY meals they serve at Seoul Kitchen.

If you’re ever in the Westford, MA area OR feel like ordering meal kits, they are available for purchase on Seoul Kitchen’s website. 

These meals are MORE THAN approved by our nutritionists and registered dietician at Prototype Nutrition and they sound super tasty!


By: Jay Chung

Korean food has greatly risen in popularity in the last decade.

Its bold flavors and particularly Korean bbq was first noticed by foodies, hipsters and the food media has grown to be loved by the mainstream.  It’s one of the “hottest” ethnic food right now.

The best part is that most Korean restaurants out there are pretty authentic.  That is if you eat a Korean dish in Korean restaurant in the US, it will be pretty similar to eating it in Korea. Besides its delicious flavors, the health benefits of Korean food are vast.

Koreans have believed for centuries that body healing starts with the source of eating.  It stresses “balance,” which we all know now is crucial to good nutrition.  Until about 50 years ago, most Korean diets consisted of vegetables, grains, and legumes.
Although Korean barbecue is widely popular now, it wasn’t until the 70’s that Koreans incorporated regular meat consumption in their diets.  Because of this history, vegetables are still a large part of Korean meals.  You will never see Koreans eating meat without a wide variety of vegetables including lettuce wraps, kimchi (fermented Napa cabbage), sprouts, and other leafy or pickled roots and greens.

Favorite Healthy Meals at Seoul Kitchen:

Stone Pot Bibimbap 

*Get it with brown rice and beef

Probably one of the most balanced Korean meals that you can get and it’s absolutely delicious.  With rice on the bottom, several types of cooked and raw vegetables on top, soy-marinated beef, and a sunny-side-up egg.  It is served in a heated stone bowl.
Nutrition Facts
560 calories
30g protein
35g carbs
30g fat
7g fiber


*The quintessential Korean BBQ – Grilled soy-sesame marinated short ribs.
Korean bbq isn’t heavy or heavily sauced.  Kalbi (ribs in Korean) is a tad sweet, a little garlicky, and full of umami.  The meat is marinated for at least 24hrs and then grilled upon order.
Nutrition facts: 
600 calories
40g protein
40g fat
0 carbs
Bowl of rice will add more calories and carbs

Hwe Dup Bap

When we think of raw fish, we think sushi and inevitably Japanese, but this Korean version of Poke Bowl has been a traditional Korean for a long time.
Like many Korean entrees, it stresses vegetables.  The proteins are various cubed sashimis including fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail
Nutrition facts
480 calories
13g fat
40g protein
25g carbs