Progress, not perfection…

Pre CFP May 2012 (top)-CFP August 2012 (bottom)

The photo on top was taken around April/May of 2012 prior to the start of our buildout. The photo below was taken around July/August 2012 as we built out what is now CFP. As you can see, a lot has changed. Some of you reading this were here even BEFORE we painted the walls (Shout out to Jay Chung and Nicole Moore). Some of you reading this remember our pull up bars on the wall and that awesome (hairless) turf : )
As you can all see, we added some new equipment over the years, we’ve moved a bunch of stuff around (we do this daily to be honest) and oh yeah, we added a bunch of awesome people (you!)!
There are three key points to this post:

  1. Change is inevitable.
  2. Growth is never a straight line.
  3. The turf was a bad idea.

Think about this as you take on new challenges, learn new exercises, progress in your weight loss journey, start a new job, start a family etc… the list goes on. Things are going to change, nothing is constant… You’re going to grow and develop and there will be learning curves (it’s going to be hard)… And you will fail (yes, you will fail) and make mistakes, but it’s ok. That’s part of growth. “Failure is learning. Learning is growth”.
You could have asked me 7 years ago where I envisioned CFP was going to be and I would have told you that I haven’t a clue in the world, I just want to help people. We have had people come and go, growth hasn’t been a straight line and we have tried things and failed… but it’s all good. We learn, progress and move forward.
The point here is that there are few truths in this world and only so much you can control. If you take anything away from this email remember this, you can only control how you respond to these things in your life (change, failure, growth etc).
As you take on new challenges, as you set goals and as you try things that may be outside your comfort zone, it’s your decision to how you will respond to them. If you get knocked down, get back up. We all need a reminder sometimes about these things, I know I do!
Keep pushing forward #CFPFamily
-Coach Mike