Prototype kid of The Month: Rylie Rohloff


Talk about your journey, experience and history at CrossFit.

I started CrossFit more than a year ago.  I wasn’t really sure if I liked it at first because the exercises were hard and I had a lot to learn.  Pretty soon I learned that it’s a lot of fun.  The workouts can be really easy or really hard…and sometimes just right.  Sometimes we get to play games, and it is just a place where everybody fits in.  CrossFit has helped me get strong so that I am better at things like gymnastics, running, and gym.  Now I go to CrossFit three times a week, and I always try to go early because it is a happy place!

What do you like best at CrossFit Prototype?

I really like that the coaches name workouts after the person who works the hardest, even if they don’t finish first.  The coaches are also really nice and fun, and I like how they mix games with workouts.

What are your goals and what do you want for yourself in the future?

I want to play volleyball when I get to the 7th grade, and I want CrossFit to help me get ready for it.

Favorite sport?

I have tried soccer, run club, and gymnastics, but CrossFit is my favorite sport.

Favorite quote?

Mr. Travis at Fales always says, “If you had fun, you won.”  So I guess I always win at CrossFit.