This is our first Prototype Kid of the month! Like CFP member of the month, our Prototype Kid of them month exemplifies what it means to be a Prototype. To set the bar and standard for others. To always be encouraging and positive and to also align with CFPs values:
Our Values
1. Crossfit Family
2. Integrity
3. serenity
4. Helping Others
5. Quality
6. Growth
7. Balance
8. Fitness
9. Fun
Jonathan Ashton: Prototype Kid of the Month

I have been playing sports since I was very young. I currently play hockey, lacrosse and football. I play goalie in hockey, which is my favorite sport. Before CrossFit Prototype I had little exercise experience. My only experience was going to the gym with my family or the conditioning at sports practices. In school I enjoy subjects such as math and science.
I have been taking classes at CFP for a little over 4 months.
My CFP experience has been very good. Previously I have not been able to get excited or into a workout routine but I immediately fell in love with CFP. At CFP I was able to push my limits while everyone around me pushed theirs. Everyone is supportive of each other which makes working out to be so much easier and more enjoyable.
CrossFit has helped me in many different ways. In sports CrossFit has made me be able to run faster and have more endurance. Because of CFP I can jump higher and I am much stronger. CFP has also increased my flexibility because of the stretching we do before and after every class, this has been very helpful in hockey especially. CFP has also made me feel less tired and have more energy throughout the day.
My favorite part of CFP is the variety of workouts we do. The WOD is almost never the same which keeps the workouts interesting and more challenging. Changing the workout everyday also allows me to get more excited about going because I want to see what the WOD is. Also with different weight lifting every class I can work many different muscles and learn new ways to lift that I would not have known or thought of previously. A new and completely different WOD every class makes class more fun and more challenging.
The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” ~Confucius