Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey

I was always very active growing up, riding my bike everywhere and playing soccer from 5 years old through college.  I realized as an adult I never prioritized working out – I was only motivated to work out to lose weight and get fit for a special trip or the summer.  I never stuck to any workout routine for a long period of time.  I tried running outside, I tried running inside with a treadmill with a TV!, I tried P90x, but I would not stick with anything.  I realized that the reason I loved being so active as a child was because I was part of a team with a coach and it was fun too!  That was the missing piece for me.  It wasn’t until I started doing Heather Clancy’s bootcamp on Saturday mornings that I realized I needed programming with variety, a coach to help motivate me and to have fun!  So my crossfit journey started about 3 years ago when I was asking Heather about her Crossfit gym as I needed to find a gym that had 5am classes because of my work schedule.  She went with me for the first couple months and then I was hooked!  The 5am crew and Jon were so welcoming and positive.  After a while I realized I was not a morning person so I would just go to different class times and as a result I met a bunch of new people.  Then fast forward to Quarantine times – I was able to work from home for the first time and really embraced all that Prototype had to offer during this difficult time.  I am so impressed with Mike and the team’s ability to quickly adapt and offer so many different programs for all fitness and interest levels.  Over the past 4 months I have become a daily Thriver, participated in the Quarantine games with my son Jack, joined the ENDURE program to add running into my life, joined the 21 day fitness challenge, participate in Sunday mobility and Nutrition counseling with Leah and my son does 1:1 training with Steve.  It’s been quite the journey these last 4 months but I feel so much better, not only fitter but healthier all around.  I  love being part of this great Prototype community.  Everyone brings such great positive energy and that starts from the top with Mike and all the coaches.  I can’t say enough great things about my experience at Prototype!

What is your favorite part about being at CFP? 

Of course the people!  Everyone is always cheering each other on and I love how all the coaches make it a point to get to know everyone. 

What are your hobbies and activities?

Some of my favorite things to do are spending time with my family (although my kids are teenagers and don’t really love spending time with me anymore lol), hiking with my college girlfriends and our daughters, gardening and hanging out with friends.  I also love watching my kids play sports and traveling.

How has (if it has) CFP helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?  

Prototype has helped me prioritize myself – I would never make time for fitness and now that I have I am so happy and see it helping me with my stress level.  I feel overall better mentally and physically.  I also love being a role model to my children to show them how important fitness is to have in their life.  My son tended to lay around if he wasn’t playing a sport and then would injure himself as soon as he would go back to playing.  Now having him do personal training and getting stronger he is “slowly” starting to appreciate exercise and how it makes you feel as much as I do.  

What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?  

My fitness goals are to keep showing up!  Even when I am hurt the coaches will always find modifications.  One of my goals is to succeed at double unders and when we are back in the gym I want to work on my weightlifting technique and lifting heavier.  I tend to not push myself when it comes to weightlifting so I want to get out of my comfort zone more.

What is your favorite quote? 

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail”