Prototype of the Month (April): Caitlin Pond
The E-mail exchange between Caitlin and I. This is why she is April’s Prototype of the Month.
“Hey Caitlin!

I just wanted to congratulate you not only on earning your Master’s Degree this past month but also on being our Prototype of the Month!
For us, choosing who is the Prototype of the Month is getting harder and harder each month as we continue to grow as a community. People are crushing goals and making tremendous gains and its great to see!
The reason why we chose you was not only in the major performance gains you’ve made but also your overall attitude and character. You are constantly encouraging others, spending extra time on improving and show the utmost integrity. These are the things we look for as Prototype of the Month.
Not only do you work your ass off, but you facilitate the motivation of everyone else around you and are an awesome competitor. We are super happy to have you here and kicking ass!
I’ve attached some questions to fill out so we can put it up!
Thanks Caitlin!!!”
4 years of Track and field at WHS
4 years of track and field at Colby-Sawyer College
3 years of competing as an unattached athlete at Track and Field meets around MA
I started at CrossFit back in December and I have been hooked ever since. And I know everyone so far has mentioned the team or family atmosphere but it makes a huge difference. Going to a normal gym you do your lame workout, don’t interact with anyone else, and typically only do half the workout because you’re tired or any other excuse in the book but not at CrossFit Prototype. You can’t, there is always someone there for you, pushing you, motivating you, and competing against you. That’s what I love! Someone is there to get you through the workout and then give you a high five and congratulations when you finish.  It truly is a team and even more like a family. Doing track I am used to being responsible for myself, I have to work out to be better and stronger but I always had a team to workout with, compete against, and to push with and when I graduated college I did not think I would get this motivation back, my team back. But I found it at CFP. It has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to many more WODs.
I like everything at CFP. But I would have to say the team atmosphere. Walking in I am not going to the gym I am going to hang out with my friends and get super jacked!
What are your goals and what do you want for yourself in the future

  1. I want to PR in my power/oly lifts
  2. Compete in several track meets and crush it
  3. Continue to work on my thesis project in hopes to get it published (working the body and the brain!)