Prototype of the Month: February
Jayne Knapp (a.k.a CrossFit Jayne)

My  CrossFit Journey:
I am honored to be chosen as CrossFit Prototype of the Month.  I will admit right up front that I could not have done this without the help from the entire CFP community, and of course especially my awesome CFP coaches! Oh my husband too!
My journey into CrossFit began with my husband gently urging me to get back to exercising by training with Mike.  I had recently turned 50 and had never really exercised a day in my life! Well, an exercise class here or there and an occasional gym membership that went unused. Meeting Mike, understanding the principles of CrossFit and training with him changed my life. Then CF Prototype opened in September of 2012 and I joined, reluctantly, with a feeling that this type of exercise would not be for me…sure that I would be intimidated by so many fantastic athletes. I couldn’t have been more wrong! What I was surrounded by was a wonderfully supportive community that has always made me feel accepted no matter what level of fitness I am at! And yes there are top notch athletes that I work out next to each and every day and they provide me with so much motivation…they are my “rabbits”.   So I continue to come each day ready to face the next WOD with a new determination to get better and get stronger.  CFP really came into my life just when I needed it, as I sent my “baby” off to college and worried so much about what I would do with my free time I was lucky to have CFP be there for me each afternoon!  I feel fortunate to have made so many new friends through crossfit!
CrossFit has helped me to get physically stronger but it has really helped me to realize that I WANT to be stronger and more fit for ME! I am proof you can get fit after 50!
The Best thing about CrossFit:
The best thing about CrossFit if you haven’t already guessed is the sense of community! I love the level of encouragement and support that occurs during each class. The CFP community has helped me to achieve my fitness goals and to push myself harder than I ever would on my own. It is a truly a unique experience.  I look forward to coming to CFP as often as possible. I especially love working out with all of my 3:30 friends!  CrossFit has taught me how to work hard to achieve my fitness goals.  The second best thing about cross fit is really feeling fit and having arms that look good in a tank top!!
My CrossFit goals include doing one unassisted pull up by the end of this year, mastering double unders and getting back to lifting weights over my head.  Crossfit has helped to develop my confidence, I have done things at CFP that I NEVER thought I would do and knowing I am capable of doing new things everyday has helped me to be more confident outside the gym as well!