Our Prototype of the month is a member that is voted on by the coaching staff at Prototype. Each month the coaches get together to nominate and vote (which is super hard to do!) a member of the community that has been represented the values and what it means to be part of the Prototype community!

Share your Prototype experience and fitness journey


I have always been a person who enjoyed physical activity. As a kid, I played soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, skied, ran track, and played football all the way through high school. It was not until college that I really discovered weight training. As most people do in their 20’s, I concentrated mostly on the “show me” muscles – biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, and back. I played pick-up and men’s league basketball for my cardio. I first discovered CrossFit when Mike opened the gym. When I saw the concept, I was immediately drawn to it. For those who know me, I am extremely competitive. The idea of a whiteboard with daily rankings at the time seemed like an awesome concept. Except when you are extremely competitive. I found myself getting hurt fairly often. I took a break from Prototype and did more cardio-based with traditional strength training and personal training. After pretty serious triceps surgery I was referred to Andy Vassor. He was very helpful in getting me back to full strength. Then I started taking his HIIT classes at AV Fitness. Unfortunately, Covid hit and he was not able to continue. I really enjoyed the class environment and wanted to find something similar and came across Leah’s THRIVE class. Which I also refer to as Leah’s House of Pain.


What is your favorite part about being at Prototype? 


The coaches and the community are by far the best part and what separates this from any gym experience I have ever had. I am fortunate to have a basement gym with the equipment I have acquired over the years, but it just is not the same. One of the most rewarding things has been having my family participate. My sons Sam and Max were both taking classes during their winter break and recently my wife Cheryl has been training with Brian.


What are your hobbies and activities?


I still play basketball and can often be found on the golf course. At home, I love spending time with our two dogs, Shana and Maddie. I don’t know if I would call trying to feed twin 18-year-olds a hobby. It is more like a full-time job but I am often grilling obscene amounts of meat on the deck.


How has (if it has) Prototype helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?


It has been a huge help to my golf game. That is not saying much because almost anything would be but I have seen a big difference with my flexibility and balance. Unfortunately, I have not seen how it will contribute to my basketball game but can’t wait to see it once I start playing again.


What are your continuing fitness goals to this point?


To live until I die. I am someone that wants to stay active long into my life. In the short term, I would like to go to a beach and not get laughed at when I take off my shirt. In the long term, I have a great uncle that is still playing 9 holes of golf a couple of days a week at 99. I would take that.


What is your favorite quote? 

“Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”