Prototype of the Month:  Marc Mespelli
I stumbled into CrossFit Prototype in mid-August 2013 after being laid off 2 weeks prior and undergoing a knee scope at the end of July 2013. I was involved with a gym near my office but needed something closer to home.  I popped in and chatted with Nicole who was extremely welcoming and encouraging, she gave me a great feeling on the place.So I jumped in with both feet and felt right at home from day one and have never looked back. CFP is like no gym that I’ve ever been a part of.  The people, the support, the structure, the encouragement are all great parts of my CFP experience.  At 48 years old, I am on the older side as far as members are concerned but I never feel out of place.My favorite part of CFP is the people. At other gyms I would keep to myself when working out but the people at CFP – coaches and members are so supportive and driven that it is difficult not to engage. I know that each class will be a grind but pushing through with people who have become friends, makes it easier to “win the day”.
My hobbies:
I enjoy dining out and trying all kinds of foods. I love great wine and cheese.  I am looking forward to another week at the Beachcomber in early summer and making a dent in their raw bar.  I’d like to get back to mountain biking this year as I’d not been out as much last year as I had in the past.  I get great pleasure from cooking for my family. I am no longer actively competing in sports but I feel that my overall health and conditioning has improved since joining CFP.
My Goals:
My primary fitness goals are to stay healthy, lose a few pounds and get stronger.
Favorite Quote:
“In Vino Veritas”
In wine there is truth