1. Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey
I have always wanted to be fit, but never thought I would be lifting weights. My brother had suggested CrossFit to me and I brushed it aside, thinking it would be beyond my capabilities. However, I wasn’t making any progress working out by myself. So, AB and I decided to drop-by one day, just signup and see how it goes. Frankly, I was worried about coming into class that first day because I thought I might somehow get hurt and embarrass myself. Thanks to the great coaches and awesome members, who guided and encouraged me. They never made me feel out of place.

2. What is your favorite part about being at CFP?
Like everyone before me has said, it’s the CFP community. I have made a lot more friends over this past year, than I have 10 years prior. Just by going to class, seeing all of the people pushing themselves through the crazy WODs, has given me the confidence to face all of the challenges in my day.

3. What are your hobbies and activities?
I like watching movies and having fun conversations over dinner/drinks.

4. How has (if it has) CFP helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?
CFP has helped me make more friends, with whom I enjoy socializing with on my weekends. I have also developed a relatively healthy lifestyle and proper sleep schedule.

5. What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?
My goals are to continue showing up on time to the 7AM class 😛 I am also working on my lifting and double-unders. And I am committed to following my new healthy lifestyle and routine.

6. What is your favorite quote?
“This too shall pass.” (might not be a good fit here, but has helped me many times)