Working out and finishing up 20.5 with you #CFPFamily!

What’s up #CFPFam?! WE ARE BACK for the FINAL weekly recap of the #PrototypeOpen and it’s so sad it’s finally over!  This season our 4 teams went head to head to compete for the coveted Prototype House Cup Championship Trophy. Week 4/ 20.4 went to Team Slytherin (Again…) and they certainly pulled away this week! Inevitably, it all comes down to participating each week and having team members complete our 20.6, 24 Heroes in 24 Hours event which went AWESOME by the way!
As you all know, 20.5 is now officially in the books! There were a lot of firsts in this #CrossFitOpen but this certainly spiced things up! This week, there was a 20-minute time cap to complete muscle-ups (pull-ups scaled), wall ball shots and rowing for calories. The twist was that you could break up the work HOWEVER YOU LIKE! This made this not only about capacity and skill but a specific strategy to complete the work. During the Thursday announcement, each team had one athlete represent their team to battle it out:
Ravenclaw: Colin Lake
Hufflepuff: Justin Davis
Gryffindor: Coach Caitlin Pond
Slytherin: Coach Mike Collette
These athletes battled it out for those extra 5 team points! After a close battle, Mike Collette came out the victor for the head to head, earning 5 additional points for his team! Slytherin took the head to head for the 2nd week in a row, adding more points to their overall total! Check out the full WOD below!

For time, partitioned any way:
40 muscle-ups
80-cal. row
120 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball to 10 ft.
Time cap: 20 min.

We saw some amazing performances this past week and some AWESOME PR’s on several of our member’s muscle ups, chest to bar and regular pull-ups! SO AWESOME!! SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PR’S!!!
First, we would like to give a shout out to EVERYONE who signed up for the CrossFit Open/Prototype Open and get 20.5 done! Way to step outside your comfort zone! ESPECIALLY TO THOSE who came out for Friday Night Lights 20.5!! It was a great event that brought the community together and celebrated the hard work put into these past 5 weeks. Overall, participating in the #PrototypeOpen can be a daunting thing to do, however, we all believe you can do it! Also, a shout out to all of those who are participating in their first CrossFit Open/Prototype Open, SO AWESOME!!!

Below are your Top 10 scores for the Women and Top 10 scores for the Men for 20.5 (3 additional points are added for these athletes). A LOT of these top scores came down to the tie break time! There were so many people so close to making the top 10!!!


Mike Collette 240 16:32
Steve Blackwell 240 19:30
Sam Kafel 237 11:37
Jon Collette 237 18:36
Mark Dirienzo 231 17:10
Jack Levy 225 16:51
Dave Marcus 222 16:14
Brian Zancewicz 222 18:05
Brendan Sheehan 221 16:26
Joey Walker 221 16:54
Rebecca Welch 216 14:34
Caitlin Pond 212 12:24
Erin Collette 207 14:48
Peg Kinsman 204 12:12
Sally Harwood 203 13:31
Lauren Palmateer 200 9:56
Flavia Winslow 200 12:47
Bethany Farrar 200 13:22
Marissa Papazian 200 13:44
Nicki Rohloff 200 13:50


Congrats to the top-performing scores for 20.5, way to go everyone! Below are those individuals who earned PASSION POINTS for their respective teams! The energy at CFP this past week was INSANE so deciding who earned these was very difficult. Shout out to the individuals below for earning these awards and getting an additional 5 points for their team!

  1. Hardest Worker: Jessica Clancy (#Ravenclaw)
  2. Top Performer: Jon Collette (#Slytherin)
  3. Most Spirit: Callie Smith (#Ravenclaw)

Following 20.5, we didn’t take much of a break and went right into 20.6 which was CrossFit Prototype’s newest addition to this years #PrototypeOpen. 20.6 was our first annual 24 Heroes in 24 Hours event honoring and benefiting the Navy Seal Foundation. From Sunday 11/10-Monday 11/11 (Veteran’s Day) we honored a fallen #NavySeal by completing a #CrossFitHeroWOD in their honor. On the hour for 24 hours, we completed a different workout and the theme was all around #TeamWork. This means each of the workouts was to be completed in pairs or teams.
How we incorporated this into the #PrototypeOpen is for every workout that you completed (this year’s maximum was 4 per team member) you got an additional 3 points for your team. It didn’t matter the time it took you, your scaling/modifications or your score, all it had to do with was completing the workout and participating in the event.
The overall feedback for the event was incredibly positive and brought amazing energy to CFP. We truly appreciate everyone who participated and all of those who spent time away from their families to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Below are the statistics from the event, how those team points broke down and how many individuals from each team participated. Before you read that, we would like to give another BIG THANK YOU to Col and Coach Brent French and Mark DiRienzo for helping put on this event at CFP. We are tremendously grateful for your efforts, support and help, it means a lot!

SOOOOOO the results are in and this years 2020 #PrototypeOpen Team Cup Champion is….SLYTHERIN! Coming in a whopping 518 points, they blew it out of the water. Each week winning the team point total. In addition, each week they had the greatest team participation (88% weekly average) which accounted for a bulk of their points on top of some amazing team performances.
Again, thank you all for participating and working your tails off for the past 5 weeks. Now is the time to reflect on your fitness and what you would like to work on!
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