18.1 is in the books and here is our Week 1 the 2018 #PrototypeOpen!

5am crew on Friday morning of 18.1 representing!

We had some late additions and sign ups this year for the Open which led to an big swing and opportunity for team leaders Lisa and Peg to add some great team members to their team! Late additions included Meg Rohloff, Keivan Russo and Coaches Bethany and G-man for team #KeepinItTeal while team #BeardedBlueDragons added Rick Lucier, Andrew Smith, Jack Levy, Pete Russo, Jay Chung, Tony Potenti and with the come back of the year, Carissa Couture rounding it out. However, the biggest surprise of them all, mustache aficionado T.J Allard sign up for the Open! After the announcement and just when you think he is picked up by team #BeardedBlueDragons, Peg and #KeepinItTeal swoop in for the steel! Remember, only team captains can claim free agents : ) Big win for #KeepinItTeal and we will see how the late additions to both teams will help them throughout the weeks!
After Week 1, #BeardedBlueDragons came out strong and are off to a great start! With the boost from the Top Performer award for Week 1 going to the young stud Tim Welch and Most Spirit award going to Brent French (5 additional points a piece), this gave them the edge. As the weeks progress, the teams will see that completion of the workout and submission of scores will be a determining factor to who comes out on top. Remember, for completing the workout you will earn 1 point for your team. If you do not perform the workout, you contribute no points to your team and as famously said by the Principal in Billy Madison “I award you no points , and may God have mercy on your soul”.
Week 1:
#BeardedBlueDragons- 100 points
#KeepinItTeal- 79 points
Top 10 Men:
  1. Mike Collette-354 reps
  2. Garret St. Onge-326 reps
  3. Tim Welch- 323 reps
  4. Bill Cooper-292 reps
  5. Mark DiRienzo-288 reps
  6. Dennis Paoloni-277 reps
  7. Gerald Maunsell-272 reps
  8. Dave Marcus-271 reps
  9. Mo Ahmed-271 reps
  10. Jon Collette/Brent French-267 reps
Top 10 Women:
  1. Liz Mason-261 reps
  2. Caitlin Pond-258 reps
  3. Marissa Papazian-249 reps
  4. Amy Castoldi-244 reps
  5. Lisa Zancewicz-240 reps
  6. Kim Cooper-229 reps
  7. Danielle Ward-219 reps
  8. Buffy Buradagunta-218 reps
  9. Nicole Moore- 218 reps
  10. Annie Powell-217 reps
Most Spirit– Brent French (#BeardedBlueDragons)
Hardest Worker-Justin Hall (#KeepinItTeal)
Top Performer-Tim Welch (#BeardedBlueDragons)
This is shaping up to be a great 5 weeks of Open workouts, who do you have in Week 2? Will team #KeepinItTeal come back with an epic Week 2 performance and step up to claim more award points?
Click the link below to see the official score sheet!
Check out below how the scoring works and the link to team point totals!
Complete workout (Rx or Scaled)
Top 10 in performance (Men and women)
Runner up in head to head
Winner of head to head
Most Spirit of the week (additional)
Hardest worker of the week (additional)
Top Performer of the week (not directly related to placement)
*Score change and update.
1.) As team #BlueBeardedDragons has 1 more participant than team #KeepinItTeal, team blue will drop 1 point each week off their total.
2.)  In the original 2018 Prototype Open Rule book we indicated that Top 3 Men, Women and Masters 50+ athletes would receive 3 points. With the skewed proportion of Master’s Athletes and drastic standard differences from 50+ to 55+ we have decided to do TOP 10 MEN AND WOMEN not just the TOP 3. This means that the top 10 scores across Men and Women (this can include Master’s if top score is done Rx) will get an additional 3 points for their team.
3.) Most Spirit, Hardest Worker and Top Performer award is voted on each week by your CFP coaches. More specifically, there are several coaches who are not participating in the #PrototypeOpen which gives a very unbiased vote. However, if any of you would like to nominate someone at the end of the week please share your appreciation for those who you believe deserve these awards! Each are worth 5 points each which can be a big point opportunity for each team.
P.S #CFPFamily, our annual Friday Night Lights event will be on Friday 3/23! Click the link here to see the event page!