CrossFit Open WOD 18.3 is in the books and here is our week 3 analysis and recap!
Arguably one of the most technical CrossFit Open workouts to date, 18.3 was a monumental challenge both physically and mentally! 14 minute time cap to complete 2 rd’s of 100 double unders, 20 Overhead squats, 100 double unders, 12 ring muscle ups, 100 double unders, 20 dumbbell snatches, 100 double unders and finally 12 bar muscle ups. The combination of these movements not only challenged your cardio but also your technical proficiency with high level gymnastics and weightlifting movements. Suffice it to say, it was a good one!

Teams #BeardedBlueDragons and #KeepinItTeal showed no fear and didn’t back down to the challenge however! We had several first time muscle ups including Matt Calhoun, “Big” Mo Ahmed, Amy Castoldi and Erin Burton (way to go!) as well as some first time double under’s and pull up’s for our athletes. There was a lot to be happy about!

There were several athletes from both teams that were able to complete both rounds in under 14 minutes in the scaled division (which is crazy!!). Those people from #BeardedBlueDragons included Brooke Pettengill, Dennis ‘Dr.D” Paoloni, Graham Pettengill, Nicole Moore, Kim Cooper and Sally Harwood. In addition, athletes from #KeepinItTeal included Danielle Ward, Jen Gries, Justin Hall, Flavia Winslow and Sara Sullivan.

This has been a great race so far through 3 weeks and the competition is even closer than ever! With a total of 92 points for 18.3, #KeepinItTeal pulled out the W while team #BeardedBlueDragons came out with 86 total points. The score is neck and neck with #BeardedBlueDragons at 356 and #KeepinItTeal at 350 points!!

Big shout out to the top 10 performers in both the men’s and women’s divisions (see below) and also BIG shout out to this weeks Most Spirit, Hardest worker and Top performer award winners! These individuals receive an additional 5 points for their team! There were several nominations for each category this week and it was not an easy decision (we like it that way!).

Keep up the great work #CFPFamily and let us know your thoughts on what you think 18.4 will have in store!

18.3 Award winners:
Hardest Worker– Matt Calhoun (#BeardedBlueDragons)
Most Spirit-Syam Buradagunta (#KeepinItTeal)
Top Performer-Erin Burton (#KeepinItTeal)

Top 10 Performers for Week 3:
18.3 Men
18.3 Women
Mike Collette
Liz Mason
Russ Schwartz
Caitlin Pond
Garret St. Onge
Erin Burton
TJ Allard
Amy Castoldi
Tim Welch
Nicole Mohamed
Kevin Cruz
Lisa Zancewicz
Brian Zancewicz
Buffy Buradagunta
Rob Dorretti
Marissa Papazian
Brendan Sheehan
Liz Nasser
Mark DiRienzo
Sally Harwood
Team Name
Total Points
#BeardedBlue Dragons