The fifth and final workout of the Prototype Open was a huge success! The workout gave these athletes 16 minutes to complete 75 wall ball shots, 25 handstand push-ups, another 75 wall ball shots, and 25 power cleans. If there was any time remaining after the set workout, you would do as many ring muscle-ups as you could until the 16 minutes ran out. Everyone did an awesome job!!

Scroll down to check out these athletes working hard in 22.5, as well as some shots from the 22.5 challenge!

Head-to-Head Showdown:

This epic showdown was between Keivan Russo and Jack Levy. Both athletes battled hard, but Jack Levy from Miyagi Do won in the end!

Check out these athletes working hard for their teams!



And here are our 22.5 Top Performers from the final week!


This week’s challenge was on the rower. Athletes earned points based on how far they rowed: 0-1500m was 1 point, 1500-3000m was 2 points, and 3,001m and above was worth 3 points! Photos were required for 2 and 3 points. They were not required to row all at once, but they had to get it done within 24 hours. For those who didn’t have access to a rower, they were able to earn 1 point by doing 75 burpees over the course of 24 hours. 

Here are athletes contributing their points!



Now, for the 22.5 challenge results!

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the 22.5 total score! Showing no mercy, Cobra Kai beat out Miyagi-Do by 24 points! Great job!

And finally, we have our grand total points! Miyagi-Do put up a good fight but in the end, Cobra Kai won by 84 points! Congratulations! Everyone that participated in the open did amazing this year! Great job to captains Lauren Palmateer and Keivan Russo for leading your team to victory! Also, great job to captains Caitlin Jaeger and Jack Levy from team Miyagi-Do for the constant encouragement and positivity throughout the Open! Thank you to everyone who participated this year, you all made a great competition environment and it was awesome to see the whole community come together at this event! We hope to see you all participate next year!