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Scavenger hunt 2022 (AMRAP – Reps)

Mission: Scavenger hunt starts at 7am! In teams of 4, At the start of the Scavenger hunt you’ll have an opportunity to do mini challenges before the scavenger hunt to gain an advantage. You DO NOT have to do all 5 of the challenges if your team chooses not to & depending on how you do on the challenge will determine what advantage you win. Complete as many challenges & things on the scavenger hunt as you can in 90min. At 830am meet back at the gym for a final workout which you’ll get to use your advantage (if you did challenges) and have one last opportunity to earn points for your team! Every rep in the final workout will equal 1 point. Add your team’s total points from the scavenger hunt & workout together to get your teams final score!


14 min Partner workout

30 KB swings

20 WBS

10 Burpee

200m run (counts as 20 reps)