The Prototype Girls Club

  • Time: Thursday’s 4pm-5pm
  • Ages: 8-14 years old
  • Cost: FREE
  • Goal: to empower young girls in the community through exercise and team building

The Prototype Girls Club is a new FREE program that we have started at CrossFit Prototype. Led by Coach Caitlin Pond, the club is specifically for girls 8-14 years old. The goal of the program is really simple, to help young girls in the community develop a positive relationship with exercise and to understand that being strong, fit and healthy is not only ok but important!.
The Prototype Girls club will run once a week on Thursdays at 4pm and it is FREE!
The girls will meet as a group every Thursday at 4pm and go on a run together or do a fun group workout. This workout will be relatively short and scalable for each girls participating. A coach will be with the girls to help them stay motivated and encourage them throughout, while ensuring they have a great experience. After each workout, all the girls will meet as a group to go over many different topics including; feelings for the day, bright spots, goals (fitness and school), improvements (school, fitness, etc), brainstorm ideas on how to reach those goals, nutrition of the day and its impacts as well as sleep patterns.
Each session will end with a team building activity that will help reinforce communication, leadership, strength (physical and mental) and the power of teamwork. Again our goal is to build a positive environment for the girls to feel comfortable in and grow while motivating them to feel strong and powerful in a fun and safe environment. Also, an important aspect to this club is to discuss nutrition and the importance of sleep in fueling the growing female athletes. In the end, we want to help young girls achieve their goals and become strong women of the future.
If you are interested in having your daughter join The Prototype Girls Club, please contact for more information or fill out the form below! We look forward to meeting you soon!

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