3c8deab9-ee66-46bb-b888-4d866ac66de6Summer can be a tough time for kids. Too many of them stay inside on their phones and tablets, allowing their bodies, brains, and social interactions to atrophy.
If you’re looking for a great summer camp program for your kids from August 8th through August 11th, Ignite! Prototype Academy is hard to beat. This kids summer program is so much more than just exercise; it’s a camp that will help your child get the most out of their summer! Why is it such a good way to get your kids muscles and minds moving?


Ignite! Prototype Academy is a great place for kids to get exercise during the summer. It’s a safe place to get fit, fight those “air conditioning” pounds they gained on the couch, and learn new physical skills. It’s excellent for getting kids moving during the summer.


While Ignite! could be considered CrossFit for kids, it goes even further because of the mental exercise involved. Many studies have shown that physical activity actually increases brain activity, so summer learning and summer exercise go together perfectly.

Social and Emotional

Humans are social creatures, and while summer used to be the king of social interaction, non-social games and parental fear of kids playing outside has given rise to a lack of summertime friendships. Ignite! Prototype Academy gives the kids a safe, secure, and friendly place to come and make new friends.crossfit 1

Ignite! is about improving the whole child, improving attention, motivation, memory, creativity, organization, sensory processing, language skills, computation, social interaction, and motor control. Want to learn more? Find out more about the program here, then contact us to sign up for the August 8-11 camp!