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Thrive 52 #27- Post Wet Hot Summer Throw Down Feels (3 Rounds for time)

Happy Monday! Today is number 27! Yep! We are more than half way there and i am SO impressed by the amount of people who have stuck with this challenge.

Many of you kicked butt in the Wet hot summer throwdown challenge

So today the challenge will be short and sweet and then we will work on core stability!

THRIVE 52 Challenge is…

Max plank hold with good form….

Come down… rest 2 minutes then repeat…

Come down… rest 2 minutes and repeat a max effort attempt again for 3 total efforts

Score each ROUND FOR TIME….

THEN… here is a core workout that we will do in class, not included in the challenge of the day.. just optional.

Metcon (No Measure)


20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 16 minutes

1. plate jumps

2. shoulder taps

3. mountain climbers

4. broad jumps

cycle through!