Evernote Camera Roll 20160616 084288Believe it or not, fitness gyms didn’t really exist until the 1970’s. Starting in California, they crept across the country until there was a gym in every stripmall. And as you know just by reading the names of those fitness centers, there are dozens of different ways to exercise that they specialize in. So why choose a CrossFit gym over any of the others?

You Don’t Have To Deal With Equipment

At a CrossFit gym, you don’t have to deal with awkward equipment. You won’t come back from the restroom to find that someone has taken over the rowing machine you were just using. You don’t have to get into some position that makes you feel silly. The stuff we use is simple and easy to use. Most times you’ll be able to supplement your CrossFit exercises with variations at home.

You’ll Work Out Your Whole Body

crossfit 1While there might be contests dedicated to bodybuilding, you have to admit that the men and women at who rank at the top look kind of…well, they’re so out of proportion that they barely look human. That’s because they’re so intent on working out particular parts of their body more than others, giving them a disproportionate look. While they might bench 700 pounds, they don’t have the leg muscles to beat most people in a foot race.
At a CrossFit gym, you work out all of your body evenly, so that you can perform well in any physical task that you’re given.That’s part of what makes CrossFit so popular

You’ll Have More Fun

The fact is, walking on a treadmill, or moving on an elliptical machine, or lifting weights for hours on end is boring. It burns calories and does your heart good, but it’s simply boring.
With CrossFit workouts you’ll constantly be changing up how you’re exercising. Many of the activities we do are fun, especially in a group where everyone is supporting one another. And if you don’t like the exercise you’re doing, just give it a minute…you’ll be on something else before you know it!
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