Week 3, 21.3 and 21.4: The Prototype Open #Recap

The Prototype Open has certainly picked up and we are through WEEK 3 and it was an EPIC week of action!


To check out the breakdown and overview of Week 3, you will want to check that out below as we have all the scores, highlights, and stats that will certainly blow your mind! So scroll down and check it out!

Prototype Open Challenge 3.3

Unlike previous years of The Prototype Open, each week we will be releasing a challenge that can earn you some additional points for your team. Each challenge will have a time cap to get it done (24 hours for most) and will have multiple levels that you can participate in based on your level of fitness OR how hard you want to work 😁.

Here was Challenge 3.3:

This challenge had levels to it so EVERYONE had the opportunity to participate and earn points for their team!

Here are some pics from Challenge 3.3:

And here were the results from Challenge 3.3!

Prototype Open 21.3 and 21.4

The Prototype Open follows the CrossFit Games Open workouts as they are announced every Thursday night at 8 pm ET (however, this past week they were announced at 3PM and we did the head to head at 7pm). The difference is we have created an Intramural style event which is now going on for the past 7 years that allow all of our members to participate and contribute to a team to crown The Prototype Open Champion!

This year, The CrossFit Games Open is only officially 3 weeks (so technically this was the last week), BUT we are living up to the true 5 week format and will be programming our own workouts for week 4 and week 5 (STAY TUNED!).

21.3 was the 3rd Open workout that was announced… and just when we thought there was only one workout to complete, Castro announced 21.4… thanks Dave Castro of CrossFit HQ.

21.3 was a little nasty BUT fun workout that had multiple variations and levels. The Rx version consisted of 15 Front squats-30 toe to bar-15 thrusters, followed by a 1 minute rest, then into 15 front squats-30 chest to bar pull ups-15 thrusters, 1 minute rest, then, 15 front squats-30 bar muscle ups-15 thrusters. This had a 15 minute time cap (including the rest).

NOW, after you either complete 21.3 for time OR hit the 15 minute time cap, you have 7 minutes from when you end to complete a 1 Rep Max of the following complex:

  • 1 Deadlift
  • 1 Clean
  • 1 Hang Clean
  • 1 Jerk


For the Prototype Open, we scored this as 2 workouts, so our athletes could get separate points for each component AND people could Rx one of them and modify/scale the other and they would still be scored separately.

The great thing about this year’s CrossFit Open is that they have multiple versions of the workout that have made it incredibly more inclusive to people, especially since we have been living in a year where many people couldn’t come into a gym.

Here was the workout in case you missed it:

After the announcement of 21.3 and 21.4, two of our long time members, Mark DiRienzo (Dark Side) and Brendan Sheehan (Light Side) went head to head! They went LIVE in our Members Only Group on Facebook and got after it!!

Shout out to Brendan Sheehan of The Light Side, and Mark DiRienzo of The Dark Side for going head to head to earn some extra points for their team! Big Mark did take both 21.3 and 21.4 BUT only by a couple of reps on 21.3 and only by 1 POUND on 21.4… can someone say #BirdDog?!

After the head-to-head battle royale, everyone got a little less sleep due to the stress that the Open creates. But it’s ok because the house was PACKED at every class on Friday (packed for COVID…) and nearly EVERYONE got this workout in! And if they didn’t do it on Friday, they got it in at open gym on Sunday (10am-12pm during the Open) OR at the 8am or 9am THRIVE class on Monday!

Here are some action shots from 21.3 and 21.4!

Week 3 Passion and Performance Points:

Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for or scrolling for…the results of Week 1! Before you scroll down and check the score, we have to give a HUGE shout-out to a few people who earned some extra points for their team. We call these our PASSION POINTS.

Each week, the team at Prototype selects 1 INDIVIDUAL to receive 5 additional points for their efforts during that week. Now, for week 3 since we had 2 workouts scored separately we had passion points for BOTH workouts! The passion points are:

  • Hardest Working
  • Most Spirit
  • Top Performer

Shout out to the folks below for earning these points for their team this week! Check them out below!!

21.3 Passion Points!

21.4 Passion Points!

Additionally, the Top 20 scores for both Men and Women gain an additional 3 points for their teams. Again, since we had 2 workouts (21.3 and 21.4) and they were scored separately, there are two, Top 20’s this week! These individuals are below! It was pretty balanced between both teams however, the men and the women of The Dark Side took a slight edge this week!

Top 20 From 21.3

Top 20 From 21.4

Week 3 Final Scores:

Again, it was a battle this week as we had over 95% of the 196 people who signed up for The Prototype Open participate in 21.3 and 21.4!!! But, this week The Dark Side took both 21.3, 21.4, and Challenge 3.3 and sits on top of the leaderboard!

So as it stands right now, The Dark Side is running away with this BUT there is always time for The Light Side to make a #Comeback!!! Here is the overall score through 3 weeks!

To see the full scoring, click here!

Now… What do you think 21.5 will be?! We have some of the ladies of Prototype going head to head Thursday Night at 7PM LIVE in the Members Group!

Just remember for 21.5 and 21.6…

Let us know and we hope you are enjoying the 2021 Prototype Open!

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