Week 5 is the FINAL week of The 2021 Prototype Open and the last week certainly did not disappoint! We had AN EPIC showing for our final challenge (5.5), a HUGE turn out for 21.6 AND we had a TON OF FUN at Friday Night Lights!


To see the breakdown and overview of Week 5, you will want to check that out below as we have all the scores, highlights, and stats that will certainly blow your mind! So scroll down and check it out!

Prototype Open Challenge 5.5

The final weekly challenge of The Prototype Open was LEGENDARY, to say the least! This challenge could have been the resurrection for The Light side OR it could have been the dagger that put them in a deeper hole. But before we check that score, if you missed the challenge here is what it was!

The big thing about 5.5 was that EVERY REP (cap of 150) counted as a point for your team. SOOOOO, this meant that the more folks on each team that capped out on their burpees could have created a HUGE point swing for their team.

Here are some pics from Challenge 5.5:

And here were the results from Challenge 5.5!

That’s a TON of Burpees! Way to go everyone!!!!

Prototype Open 21.6

Historically, The Prototype Open follows the CrossFit Games Open workouts as they are announced every Thursday night at 8 pm ET. A BIG difference this year is that The CrossFit Open was only a 3-week format SO, 21.3 and 21.4 were supposed to be the final workouts of The Open BUTTTTT, since we have been running our intramural style event (The Prototype Open) we have stuck with a 5-week format!

So that means we get to create the final 2 weeks’ workouts and we hope we didn’t disappoint! I tried my best to replicate Dave Castro of CrossFit HQ for the 21.6 announcement like I did with the 21.5 announcement!

With that being said, this final weeks workout was also a PARTNER-style workout, which makes it a heck of a lot more fun because it’s always fun working out with a friend!

On Thursday night at 7pm we announced the workout and to many correct guesses, there were wall ball shots! But the big debate was if there was going to be running… there wasn’t.

In case you didn’t do 21.6 and are reading this here was the workout:

The great thing about this year’s CrossFit Open is that they have multiple versions of the workout that have made it incredibly more inclusive to people, especially since we have been living in a year where many people couldn’t come into a gym.

Here was the workout in more detail along with the description and movement standards:

After the announcement of 21.6, we had two pairs from each team go head to head! This was the final pairing to go head to head and they did not disappoint! IT WAS A BATTLE!  That fun went down LIVE in our Members Only Group on Facebook that night!

Shout out to Matt Calhoun and Keivan Russo of The Light Side, and Garret St. Onge and Nicole Moore The Dark Side for going head to head to earn some extra points for their team! The Light Side came out victorious and earned some much-needed extra points for their team! Here are some pics from the head to head!

After the head-to-head battle royale, everyone got a little less sleep due to the stress that the Open creates. But it’s ok because Friday meant FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!

The morning classes (5am, 6am, 7am and 12pm) still ran and those folks got after it! Better yet, we got to see many of them come and hang out during Friday Nigtht Lights to cheer on their fellow Prototype Fam! Nearly EVERYONE got this workout in! And if they didn’t do it on Friday, they got it in at open gym on Sunday (10am-12pm during the Open) OR at the 8am or 9am THRIVE class on Monday!

What made Friday so special as opposed to other Fridays during the Open OR other FNL events was that this was the FIRST live, in-person event we have done at Prototype. The stars aligned and it was a gorgeous day so we got to hang out primarily outside. But the best part was seeing everyone’s smiling faces… it was pretty incredible!

You had to be there, but if you weren’t here was a video of the crew!

Here are some action shots from 21.6 and Friday Night Lights!

Week 5 Passion and Performance Points:

Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for or scrolling for…the results of Week 5! Before you scroll down and check the score, we have to give a HUGE shout-out to a few people who earned some extra points for their team. We call these our PASSION POINTS.

Each week, the team at Prototype selects 1 INDIVIDUAL (in this case, team) to receive 5 additional points for their efforts during that week. Now, for week 5 since we had teams of 2, we still picked an individual of that group that got the extra points for their pair.

  • Hardest Working
  • Most Spirit
  • Top Performer

Shout out to the folks below for earning these points for their team this week! Check them out below!!

21.6 Passion Points!

Additionally, the Top 20 scores the partnered teams gain an additional 3 points for their teams. Since we had a mix of male/male, female/female, and male/female teams we still picked the Top 20 sores. It was pretty balanced between both teams however, the men and the women of The Dark Side took a slight edge this week with 11 top scores vs. 9 top scores from The Light Side.

Week 5 Final Scores (21.6):

Again, it was a battle this week as we had over 90% of the 196 people who signed up for The Prototype Open participate in 21.6!!! But, this week The Dark Side took it yet again and ended the 2021 Prototype Open with a substantial lead over The Light Side.

Thus making THE DARK SIDE your 2021 Prototype Open CHAMPIONS!!!! Here is the final scoring:

Team Captain Nicole St.Pierre certainly put in THE WORK to lead her team to a victory. But we can’t go without giving The Light Side captain, Dan McCarthy a HUGE SHOUT OUT for his intensity and passion to drive his team. These two made this event INCREDIBLE!!! Don’t you think?!

This was BY FAR the GREATEST Prototype Open to date and we are so happy to have all of those who participated, volunteered, cheered, and helped this year! It truly made this event special and we are incredibly grateful! Now, The Dark Side gets the glory from the 2021 Prototype Open and gets its name etched on The Championship Trophy!

Until next year #PrototypeFam!