What do you look for in a CrossFit Box?
By: Michael Collette B.S CES C-PT
Co-Owner CrossFit Prototype
mikeMany people that come into CrossFit boxes and are interested in joining the community have questions about differences between your CrossFit and others.
As CrossFitters and box owners, you know that the message, methodologies and culture of CrossFit is very similar if not identical across the board. Each and every CrossFit shares the community with all local and global boxes! CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensities” and this stays true throughout the boxes. Each box is yet different due to its own individuality and ability to design its structure to its style of training. So what do you look for when you walk into a box and how do you choose one over another?
1.)   Coaches credentials
Every CrossFit has a wide variety of coaches ranging from former personal trainers, physical therapists, military veterans, police officers and entrepreneurs. As a potential member walking into a box (if you don’t know who the owner or coaches are) ask the coaches or owner about their experience in this field. “How long have you been training?, What are your certifications or education?, How long have you been in the community?” “What are your training and coaching styles?” These are great questions to ask to reassure you if you are on edge about joining a box.
2.)   Class schedule
Bottom line, if the class schedule doesn’t fit your life it might not be a good idea to invest in that box! The thing is, we understand how valuable someone’s time is, we don’t want to add the stress of “will I be able to make class tonight” due to a tough work or family schedule. Make you get a class schedule and if necessary sign up for the class time that works for you.
3.)  Facilities
9213 (2)When you first walk into a box, appearance is the first thing that can run through someone’s mind. Is the facility clean? Is the layout safe? Is there enough space for the class size? Is this a comfortable and inviting space? Does it have amenities that are a must for you (showers, day care, water etc). Even though CrossFit is the most effective training program, being comfortable in an environment is critical to your success as an individual. Take the time to ask coaches and box owners about cleanliness or the amenities that they offer if that’s a deal breaker for you!
4.)   Class Structure and Coaching
The great thing about CrossFit is that it allows its affiliates the individuality of programming WOD’s, setting up class structure and running its facilities according to their schedule. A great question to ask a box owner is “How are you classes run?” In CrossFit, there should be a lot of emphasis on skill and teaching. This is where people will gain the coordination, motor learning and control to do movements that are so critical to the CrossFit training methodology.  “How big do your classes run? How many coaches will you have? How will I be able to workout in a class with people that have been doing this longer than me?” These are critical questions to reassure anyone who wants to start CrossFit. The beauty of CrossFit is its universal scalability, which allows any and everyone to participate in a WOD!
5.)   The Community
In my opinion, the greatest aspect of CrossFit is the community and camaraderie that is built between members and coaches. It is family like and creates an environment that is not only comforting for people but fun! So ask yourself; “Can I see myself working out here?”  “Are the people working out there friendly and welcoming?” “Are the coaches and/or owners friendly and know their members by name?” “Are the people there like minded to you?”
The bottom line, being comfortable in a setting which is often intimidating for some is crucial and that’s what boxes should present to you; a great culture!