TUE JUNE 07, 2016 06/07/2016 WOD
rocking hip flexor
walk the dog
pike pass through
spiderman complex
ankle break mob
deep squat lat stretch2 Rounds:
5/5 inline lunges
10 pike push up
15 DUs
Single leg step up (4 x 8 each leg (building if necessary))
Pull-ups (4 x 5 strict (weighted if possible))
Burpees in vain (AMRAP – Reps)
3 min AMRAP rest 1 min x 3 (3 rounds total)25 Burpee box jump over (24/20in)
-with remainder of time in 3 minutes
Max HSPU (scale to elevated HSPU, HS hold, push ups or elevated push up)

*Score total reps for HSPU each round