I felt like writing this short blog post because I have noticed how well our community has been growing and I had to show my respect for all of you who represent the CFP name!
Here at CFP, we have a motto “WOD with Integrity”. As our top core value, “Integrity  is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes” (Wikipedia).
WOD as many of you know refers to our Workout of the Day. Hence the phrase ‘WOD with Integrity” literally means, give us your best, don’t cheat and take your workout as serious as you would anything else.
This concept though, applied out of the Box can have such a greater impact. Being known to have high integrity not only earns you respect but sets you apart from others. Some other definitions that come to mind are “character” and “honesty”. Why would you want to hire a liar to work for you? Or better yet, why would you be friends with someone that is of low moral character?… You wouldn’t!
Here at CFP, I can honestly say our community is filled with Integrity based individuals. You can see it during the WOD, you can see it after the WOD and if you got to know our members outside CFP, we wouldn’t expect anything less!
Here is some food for thought:
Whether you are building a community of CrossFitters, raising your kids or even networking with a group of professional individuals, Integrity should be at the core of your personal values. If this is established, great things will follow!
“Your WOD is the truest test of your Personal Integrity.”-CFP