Big congrats to Becky Lambe who is our 1st Prototype of the Month. Becky has worked extremely hard since starting here at CFP. Her level of commitment, progress, willingness to accept tasks and challenges is a true sign of her tenacity and grit. Her
ability to get to class on time and get physically and mentally prepared
separates her from many and it doesn’t go unnoticed!


I first heard about CFP from Cristina Carballo a few months back when she started going. She told me that I should try it but as a self-proclaimed couch potato/nerd/bookworm, I was pretty terrified. So, there were a few months of her working to convince me of the awesomeness (and that all of the super fit people wouldn’t laugh at me). I eventually made it to my first Elements class and was kind of intrigued but still very intimidated. Then, I couldn’t walk the next day… so Cristina had some more work to do in telling me that the soreness would pass and that I should continue going. Once I started to go more regularly, I got totally hooked and started appreciating how cool it is to work on kicking my own ass (with the awesome coaching of Mike, Brian, and fellow cross-fitters).
My favorite things about Crossfit/CFP:
1) The feeling after finishing a hard work out (aka every work out) when I am sort of feeling like I might die but then realize what I just accomplished and that I never would have been able to do it a few months ago. Then there are the rounds of high-fives or fist bumps and that is a pretty awesome moment. I think I am also just a generally happier and more energetic person since I started Crossfit which is pretty awesome, too.
2) The community of people who come together and support each other for an hour each day. I know this is a total cliche but I think it is also really true. I have been able to meet and get to know so many cool people at CFP who I otherwise would probably have never encountered in my life. Despite everyone having different jobs and plans for the future, I think we have all found a common ground at CFP.
Goals in life:
1) Be an awesome veterinarian.
2) See every Sylvester Stallone movie ever made.
3) Get stupid strong/jacked/chiseled.