10518988_10204449719713501_5042455912357499042_n-225x300Here at CrossFit Prototype, a significant amount of our schedule is dedicated to helping kids get healthier. While we certainly have a lot of adult classes, we can transform the space into a kids gym with very little problem. We know that most kids aren’t getting the exercise they need, and our classes can help so many kids in Westborough feel healthier.
Of course, the best way to get kids to exercise is to make sure that they enjoy it. That’s why we offer an incredibly fun time for birthday parties when we turn CrossFit Prototype into the ultimate kids party place! What can you expect with a party at our kids gym?

A Specialized Trainer

Our kids birthday parties are lead by one of our fitness trainers who works with kids all the time in our CrossFit Kids program. These trainers know how to make activities fun for kids!

A Warm-up

Warm-up is a time to get kids focused and their bodies ready for the party at hand! Our interactive warm-up ensures that kids can calm down and focus on the upcoming…

Team-building Games

These games involves every child and make sure that every guest is included in the action. Everyone will have a blast!

Obstacle Courseskids party place 1

Kids love a good challenge, especially when it feels like a playground! Our obstacle course is a great birthday party idea because it helps them burn off that cake you’ll probably be bringing!
The great thing about using our fitness gym as your kids birthday party place is that the space is yours! There won’t be any other classes going on, and you’ll have a space for treats and opening presents. It’s a great option, so contact us to schedule your child’s party today!