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Fundamentals is a youth training program made to introduce kids to working out in a gym, get them in shape, and prepare them to begin any sport of their choosing. It is designed to train overall fitness: speed, strength, power, endurance, agility, and balance. Workouts are structured with proper rest and recovery to reduce their risk of injury. This program will help kids gain confidence and knowledge of how to train properly! Kids that graduate the program will be prepared to hit the ground running in our CrossFit classes or the barbell club!

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Our Client Results


This was my first introduction to working out!

“Before I started Prototype’s Fundamentals class I had never been a member at a gym before- this was my first introduction to working out. This class was a great way to learn each exercise properly. They make the workouts fun and like a game- my heart would get pumping and I’d be sweating by the end. I would totally recommend the Fundamentals Class to my younger friends!”


Fundamentals prepared me for CrossFit!

“Fundamentals was a huge factor in preparing me for regular CrossFit classes and sports in general. It covers a lot, from cardio to barbell/dumbbell work, and each time I went back in to class I felt strong improvement in strength and stamina. The regular CrossFit classes build a lot upon what is learned and practiced in fundamentals, and I think that it is a great choice for anyone looking to start weightlifting. After just over one year, I have seen major improvement, and it all started in fundamentals.”

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