Unlocking Your Potential: We believe COACHING is the future

It’s been on our minds to put this out there and share it with our entire Prototype community. But you may have noticed we have been putting a lot of effort into the future of Prototype and curating our Coach Development Program. Our development work is something we pride ourselves on and we have seen coaches lives transformed by investing in themselves. Something we’ve wanted to do in a bigger way is to include our community at Prototype in this and give folks here the opportunity to coach. But before getting into that, I truly believe that COACHING is the future. 

As the world is continuing to change, the requirement to develop intangible skills to avoid being replaced by technology and innovation is of the utmost importance. The world is moving a lot faster and the skills that cannot be replaced (at least not yet) are our ability to make decisions and use our best judgment. What I’ve seen over the 12+ years of coaching experience, is that the skills required to coach others and develop others are transferable skills to any industry.

If you know my journey, I started as a trainer. I pitched an idea and moved into a small business owner role. I grew as an entrepreneur operating and running multiple businesses. I’ve led and developed teams and most recently I’m coaching teams and individuals at some of the highest levels. The SKILLS to coach are universal. The SKILLS to lead others I believe are universal and they can be applied in any industry. 

As you train to be a coach, you acquire a set of skills that are not just applicable to coaching but are invaluable in various aspects of life. This is NOT us trying to sell you, but more anecdotal benefits that we have seen transpire over all the coaches that have come through Prototype over the past 11 years:

Boost Your Confidence: Engaging with people, leading classes, and providing guidance will naturally boost your confidence. This newfound confidence can then be applied to social interactions, workplace settings, and personal endeavors.

Develop Public Speaking Skills: Standing in front of a group and delivering instructions effectively is no small feat. By participating in the Coach Development Program, you will cultivate the art of public speaking which is an immensely useful skill in many professions.

A Give-Back Opportunity: You’ve experienced firsthand the immense benefits of training. Now, you have the chance to give back by guiding others on their fitness journeys. It’s a great way to contribute to our community and make a positive impact.

Develop Empathy and People Skills: Coaching involves understanding people’s motivations, struggles, and goals. As a coach, you’ll develop empathy and people skills which are essential in creating strong bonds in personal and professional relationships.

Enhance Problem-solving Skills: Coaching is often about helping others overcome obstacles. In the process, you’ll learn how to think critically and come up with innovative solutions – skills that are highly sought after in any career.

Stay Committed to Your Fitness Goals: Becoming a coach will deepen your understanding of fitness and keep you committed to your personal goals. By teaching others, you’ll also reinforce your knowledge and be more accountable to your own fitness journey.

Expand Your Network: This program is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. Building relationships with fellow aspiring coaches and gym members can offer new perspectives, friendships, and potential collaborations outside the gym.

Expansive: As a coach, you open doors to new career opportunities and can find passions in other areas. Whether you wish to pursue coaching full-time or as a side gig, you may find an area you want to dive deeper in. This could be in functional training, 1-1, mindset, business, sales… you name it. The skills are transferable.

This program is not just about becoming a coach; it’s about personal growth and making a difference. We strongly believe that our members possess a wealth of knowledge, passion, and experiences that can greatly contribute to our community.

Whether you aspire to be a coach or are looking for ways to develop yourself, we want to give you that opportunity and be part of this journey with us. 

What this is NOT…It’s NOT an open invitation to anyone. It’s an application opportunity to those who want to grow AND It’s an investment on our end as much as it’s an investment on your end.

If that all makes sense, the next thing to think about is is this right for you?

Our Criteria: Is the Coach Development Program Right for You?

Before you jump in to apply, let’s make sure that this program aligns with what you’re looking for.  Recognizing that it’s an investment on our end and an investment of time on your end, we have curated a set of criteria that we believe is essential for aspiring coaches who are eager to make the most out of this opportunity:

Your Cup is Overflowing with Benefits from Prototype: One of the key criteria is that you have personally experienced significant benefits from training at Prototype. You feel enriched, and your cup is overflowing with the desire to share the wealth of health and fitness with others. Your enthusiasm and passion to give back is a strong indicator of your alignment with our coaching philosophy.

Eager to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone for Personal Growth: We are looking for individuals who can visualize how this program will push their boundaries and make them uncomfortable in a good way. You’re not just here to learn about fitness coaching; you’re here to develop skills that you can apply outside the gym. This is for those who are eager to embrace challenges and grow.

Purpose Over Paycheck: While being a coach can be a rewarding career, it’s crucial that money is not the number one motivator for you. We are searching for individuals whose primary motivation is to make a positive impact, build relationships, and contribute to the growth of our community. If your heart is set on making a difference, you’re in the right place.

We understand that embarking on this journey is a significant commitment, and we want to make sure it’s a meaningful and fulfilling one for you. If you identify with the criteria above, then you are the kind of passionate and dedicated individual we are excited to welcome you to apply to our Coach Development Program.

Send an email to me (mike@prototypetraining.com) and share why you want to do this. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Looking forward to growing together,