Thank you for another successful Row for Crows!

We had our 3rd annual Row for Crows this year on September 24th and it was SUCCESSFUL! Thank you to everyone that participated in rowing, donations, and just the overall community atmosphere!

A very special thank you to Sapporo Korean BBQ and to Arturo’s Ristorante in Westborough, MA for sponsoring our Row for Crows event to benefit the Calling All Crows organization! A huge thank you to Redemption Rick brewery as well for being at the event to serve us & donating their tips from the event to Row for Crows. Sapporo’s donated chicken wings with special sauces & Arturo’s donated pizzas as well as monetary support to help reach our fundraising goals, we are grateful to call them our neighbors!

We also send a thank you to special guest Chadwick Stokes who played a full set this year after the row(as well as jumping on a rower and adding to our total meters)!

Our previous years we rowed 20,000 per team for over $20k and then 21,000 meters and raised over $23,000! This year was a push with a $22k goal for 22,000 meters!

You’re awesome!

We did a great job this year with our rowing as well as donations! With 17 teams rowing 22,000 meters each, we rowed a grand total of 374,000 meters! And even bigger than that – we outdid ourselves with raising a total of $31,841 out of a goal of $22,000! Almost 10k OVER goal!

In addition, I have been fortunate to be 1 of 2 Social Capitalists from Next Jump (you can read my article on this honor here) … with that being said, I committed to a $5000 donation match if we hit the $22,000 goal, which we did and I am very happy to be able to contribute more to this organization and for this event!!

Why we rowed:

Prototype and Empowered RX worked alongside Calling all Crows for our Row for Crows fundraiser, to aid in supporting and mobilizing music fans to join the feminist movements for justice and equality. General funding support is used to educate folks on the Here For The Music campaign to end sexual violence at shows and festivals, and the Unlocked Voices campaign to highlight the impact of mass criminalization on women and support all who are affected by this crisis. Funds are used to support concert outreach, to develop impact partner relationships, and to lead service and advocacy to support these campaigns.

Thank you!

We could not have had just a successful day without each and every one of you. Another thank you to the entire community for coming together and giving your time, energy and compassion into such an impactful event!