The Virtuosity Program at CFP is back in full swing and it’s time to start getting involved! 2017 is here and it’s going by fast, so let us help you with your goals and create a lifetime habit with exercise!
As many of you will notice, we are eliminating both our leaderboards at CFP. We have had a leaderboard at CFP since we opened. Every CrossFit box had one, so why not us?! The leaderboard is great because it drives particular people to work harder and set specific goals. It is also an ego booster for many to have their name up on the whiteboard (we get it : ) ).
At CFP we’ve learned the leaderboard is irrelevant when you are just starting off in Crossfit Classes and personal training, and you might not have an idea of how to improve your fitness. In addition, we are aware that the leaderboard isn’t something everyone cares about and that’s totally cool.
In place of the leaderboards you’ll see new information about the CrossFit Prototype Virtuosity Program (CFP VP), a system we’ve developed and refined to help you set goals and get rewarded for your daily hard work to improve your fitness. CFP VP is similar to the way some martial arts academies track progress and mastery, and being well rounded across the many different varieties of movements, skills, and tests is what CrossFit is all about.
The program name, Virtuosity, is derived from a 2005 Greg Glassman (CrossFit founder) article where he defined virtuosity as “performing the common uncommonly well.” This is especially challenging given how many skills are involved in CrossFit classes. Variety is baked into the definition of CrossFit, “constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensities” and fitness, as defined by Glassman, is an “increase in work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. What sticks out to us at CFP are functional movements and modal domains. Functional movements are particular exercises/movements that tend to occur in life (squat, deadlift, press, jump, run) and modal domains refers to the variety of those activities. The CFP VP will help you track your ability to perform functional movements across modal domains uncommonly well.
With that said, it is important to us that through our program, we help you achieve your specific fitness training goals. This could be helping you lose weight, increasing your lean body mass, improving energy, decreasing stress, feeling better, sleeping better, and most importantly, making fitness a lifelong habit. We believe well rounded fitness is developed as the 10 general physical skills are improved: strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, speed, agility, accuracy, balance, power, and coordination. Those who are balanced through these 10 skills tend to be the most fit individuals, being able to accomplish any relatively challenging physical feat!
Our goal is to get as many of you involved in this optional program as possible so we (your coaches and team) can help you succeed! CFP VP is a blueprint to help you set and reach goals…all you have to do is keep track of your awesome progress and watch how your 2017 goals get crushed!
Take a look below for more information on the CFP VP, how to get started, and how it works!

What is the CFP VP?

  • It’s a band system, similar to the belt system in martial arts. This system rewards progress through the variety of measurements on the CFP VP.

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-8-05-25-amHow do I get started?

  • Just ask and we will help. Until our site is built we will utilize google spreadsheets and WODIFY to track your progress.

When do I get a band? How do I get the new one?

  • At any time you can submit your sheet and apply for a new band. After you “level up” you have wait 2 months before applying for your new band in order to give you time to work on your next and future bands!

What’s different?

  • New standards for everyone
    • More movements/standards added
  • New levels between bands
    • Between bands you have the ability to earn “stripes.” A stripe is earned where 20% compliance is seen in a particular section. For example, if you are between Black and Thick green but have 40% completed on the thick green band, you will have 2 stripes to your black band.
  • New compliance % for Masters over 45 including strength
    • Master’s over 45 drops 10% compliance for any section.
    • Master’s over 45 drops 20% on strength standards.
  • New testing and advancement parameters
    • You can test/show us your level at any time to progress.
    • Once your first test occurs, you have to wait 2 months before being able to retest for your next progression.
  • More areas to test
  • Automated system in the making to mark and check current progress (currently in the works!)