Prototype Academy’s Ignite! Specialty 10 Week Program

The environment that we live in today makes it challenging to keep kids moving as frequently as you might have moved when you were a kid. This lack of movement and physical activity is due to the notion that kids need more time learning. The rapid pace of modern society and need for instant gratification creates a pressure-filled environment for kids. With a combination of inactivity and pressure to learn, many kids struggle to stay focused and attentive while learning. Despite the resources to provide good health and education, many kids miss opportunities for cognitive growth both inside and outside of school.
Research supports physical activity as the best way to grow and improve neural connections in the brain and to provide an optimal environment for a healthy brain. Quite simply: exercise prepares the brain to learn.
Additionally, society is becoming more dependent on the use of technology. The use of technology, especially devices such as smartphones and tablets primarily recruits areas of the brain’s left hemisphere which is responsible for analytical thought, logic, construction of language, science and math. This means our brains are becoming more and more left side dominant. If we primarily use only the left side of the brain, we will slowly lose skill areas of the right side brain hemisphere including holistic thought, intuition, creativity, art, music, and awareness of the group. Again quite simply: kids need more stimulation to the right side of the brain.
Enter the kids’ gym! Ignite! Prototype Academy encourages right brain thinking! It focuses on the brain as a muscle by recruiting the right and left sides of the brain to work together. It’s like CrossFit for kids specifically tailored to their young minds.
The Ignite! program integrates emotional, cognitive, and physical interventions in our gym for kids to improve learning and performance for the purpose of developing mastery of brain-based learning fundamentals. While incorporating physical activity into the learning process, the methods used in the Ignite! Prototype Academy has been able to improve processing speed, working memory capacity, problem-solving skills, and creativity as well as intrinsic motivation, perseverance, focus and attention.
Ignite! Prototype Academy is offering a 10-week specialty class in our kids gym which will run every Thursday at 5:30 starting on January 8th and ending on March 12th. This is an exciting and innovative class focused on providing children with proper brain based exercise combined with functional movement to create a well rounded and novel workout. Each class is designed to sharpen cognitive tools with a focus on one cognitive element each class. The 10 elements of cognition are: Attention, Memory, Motivation, Organization/Planning/Logic, Creativity/Imagination, Sensory Processing, Computation/calculation, Language skills, Social/emotional, and Motor Control.
We look forward to bringing more programs like this to the metro-west area and to help facilitate learning in as many kids as we can!

Class Details:

Start Date: Thursday, January 8th
End Date: Thursday, March 12th
Price: Early bird special $149 normal price after would be $175
Age group: 8-14 years old
Max Class size: 8 kids