By: Mike Collette

Starting in the summer of 2020, the team at Prototype Training Systems started to recognize our MOST committed members at the end of each month. The benchmarks are simple: we highlight all of those who made it in for a training session 15 times or more throughout the month, then we highlight the Top 5 individuals and finally recognize that person who made it in the MOST for the month. These don’t have to be CrossFit classes, they can be personal training sessions or any workouts done at Prototype.



The feedback we have been receiving on this has been fantastic and to take it a step further, at the end of each month we are putting all of those #Committed folks in a hopper and drawing a name to be our Monthly Committed Club Winner! This person will get hooked up with something special from the team at Prototype. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… everyone who gets 15 or more workouts in during the month will also have their name put in for the end of the year drawing where ONLY 1 person can win The Committed Club Member Of The Year. For every month that you do 15 or more workouts, the more times your name goes into that end-of-the-year drawing. 2021 is going to be awesome, right?!


What’s next?


To take it a step deeper, we started to go back in history (since 2013 when we switched over to WODIFY) to look at the all-time leaderboards of class attendance and workouts done at Prototype. We found that there were over 30 of our members (who are still here kicking butt!) who have completed over 1000 workouts with us. It’s truly INCREDIBLE!

So we decided to hook them up with a #Committed Prototype YETI mug for being in the 1000 club. From there we took a deeper look into our data and what we decided to do was to recognize not only the folks that have hit the 1000 milestone BUT to highlight those individuals who reach the 250 and 500 workout milestone. We are calling this our #MilestoneClubs.



If you walk into Prototype, one of the first things you will see is a wall dedicated to these high achievers and we want to put their success right out in front! It takes some time and dedication to get into one of these exclusive workout clubs, but that’s what it’s all about after all…consistency!



How does it work?

At the start of every quarter, we are going to announce the newest members of the #MilestoneClubs. You will see a massive email blast, Facebook post, and celebration done in their honor. Those people will get their picture taken and placed on the proper #MilestoneClub board. We are evaluating the attendance every quarter and will also publish the TOTAL CLASS ATTENDANCE leaderboard at the end of the quarter so you can see how many total workouts you have and how close you may be getting to entering into the #CommittedClub.


We are extremely excited to bring this new initiative to highlight our amazing members. Just remember, this is all part of the journey. Stick with it and keep being consistent, your hard work will pay off and we want to celebrate it with you!