Hi Everyone!
As many of you don’t know, we are hosting a week long competition at CrossFit Prototype titled, “King and Queen of the Box”. This was spawned as a surprise for 2 reasons:
1.) CrossFit prepares you for the unknown, hence an unknown competition
2.) No Cherry Picking; everyone is encouraged to participate regardless or fitness level or age, so don’t try to skip out this week : )
Here is the low down on the challenge:
There are going to be 7 events throughout the week, all ranging from different stimuli to challenge you mentally and physically. These challenges are varied in order to test your fitness throughout all the metabolic pathways and the 10 general physical skills.
Saturday 1/12/13 was the first 2 of the 7 events. If you miss the events, you will be able to make them up. The events this week will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The make up day WODs are on Tuesday and Thursday.
The challenge is INCLUSIVE, meaning all are able to compete. Here are the age levels for competition and standards for scaled and Rx
18-30 (Rx and Scaled)
31-40 (Rx and Scaled)
41-49 (Rx and Scaled)
50 + (Rx and Scaled)
The Rx standards are “as is” for everyone. The scaled versions will be individualized based on level. This is where the competition is unique and set so everyone is able to compete. It is relative to your capabilities, regardless of previous Hx (history) of injury or limitations.
The scoring will be based on performance and on a point system, the same point system used in the 2012 CrossFit Games to make this as real as possible. There will be 50 and 100 point events and also some special tests as well… : )

What if I have only a 2x a week membership?
-For this week, come in for the competition days and it will be of no additional cost
What if I can’t come in and I miss days?
-There are a few options here. If you miss a day, you can do the WOD on a make up day (Tuesday or Thursday). If you can’t come in at all this week, then unfortunately you cannot participate. We discourage people from attempting the WODs on there own regardless of fitness level, this is something that we will judge the movements and standards for competition.
So Why Competition?
-Since we are a new box and new to the CrossFit community, we have been building each and everyone one of your physical skills, teaching you the basics of proper human movement, exercise technique and increasing your overall work capacity. If you have ever been to a Saturday AM WOD, this is where most of our competitive WOD’s, team/group and partner WOD’s are done. Many people are intimidated by this environment for reasons unknown. We want to break through that barrier and teach you that competition is great for morale, confidence and to challenge you to work at your capacity. There is no greater feeling then being part of a team to help win a big game. Think of this small competition as a game where its your obligation to give your best to test your fitness. That’s what the CrossFit Games are all about, testing to see who is the fittest, yet we are individualizing the Sport to make it inclusive and fun!
Why this competition now?
The CrossFit Open is just a short time around the corner. Why not get excited about competition? : )
Best of Luck,
Love Mike : )