CFP Endurance Clinic Session II
Where: Westborough High Track
When: Saturdays 7AM-8AM
Start Date: June 24thDuration: 6 weeks
Cost: $90 for 6 weeks OR $20 per drop in
By: Caitlin Pond (CF-L1)
Personally, when I think of endurance I think of it as 80% physical and 20% mental. Almost anyone is capable of running, moving, and exercising for long periods of time, but it is the mental aspect people forget to train. Our own brain can be our own worst enemy when it comes to longer workouts. Your brain will almost always quit before your body does.
The CFP endurance classes are not just about running or working out for an hour, they are about learning your limits and becoming mentally strong! Your body is capable of a lot of things if you learn to move efficiently, breath correctly, and be in a great mental state while training. The classes will push you both physically and mentally, and it will help you break down barriers that once restricted you from your full potential. Regardless of fitness level, these classes are universally scalable so you are growing from where you currently are. If you are looking for a good challenging workout or just overcome your fears of long workouts, I highly recommend trying our fitness gym’s endurance clinic. The first session proved to be a huge success for several athletes in the short amount time we spent together.
 “I joined the class as I want to continue to increase my running speed and in short 6 weeks we had together, I was able to already see the hard work pay off. Mid-program, I ran a 6K in Hopkinton under 30 mins, I averaged 8:36 min miles! Just last Thanksgiving I ran a 5K (shorter distance) and finished over the 30 min mark, couldn’t believe how much quicker I have become.” -Brooke

Similar to our CrossFit classes, no workout is like the other. Variation is the key to success. Running nothing but long-distance intervals is not going to make you a better runner. Running hills, working on speed drills, footwork, sprints and a mix of distance is going to push you to get that next PR. Whether it be in the gym, on the track, or on race day. This clinic with a dedicated physical trailer can help you learn your limits.
 “I did the Murph for the first time without scaling any of the movements the weekend before our first endurance class.  On Memorial day I did the Murph for the first time vested and I cut 5 minutes off my previous unvested time!  The class got me more familiar with my limits for how much I can push myself at different distances.”-Joe
“I feel that I am becoming a better and faster runner from this class and was happy with my two one-mile runs in the Murph fitness challenge over Memorial Day”.-Sue
Running or even WODing may be done as an individual but the group atmosphere helps push you!Let’s admit, it’s always more fun working out with friends! Over the course of the 6 weeks, you will work out as an individual but pushed by a group of awesome people with the same goals and mindset as yourself. If the full 6 weeks is too challenging to commit to, try a drop in class and see what it is all about! If you are truly looking to break into the next level of fitness this class will be the stepping stone to it!
If you are interested in this awesome program offered by our fitness gym, please email for more details! She’s the personal fitness trainer to improve your mind and body.