Name:  Maureen Lundy
Prototype Nutrition Coach:  Jon Collette
1.) What was your goal/motivation behind joining Prototype Nutrition?  
My main goal was to lose some weight that I had put on over the last few years.  Also, I wanted to learn how to properly fuel my body because I work out almost every day doing crossfit and other activities such as spinning and yoga.  I had never worked with a nutritionist before so I was excited to see where this journey would take me.  
2.) What sets Prototype Nutrition apart from other weight loss programs you have tried?  
This program is better than any I have ever tried for several reasons, but mainly because it is sustainable and more of a lifestyle change versus a crash diet or challenge.  There are NO food or drink restrictions, as long as you stay within your daily macro limits.  It is a bit of work to track and measure everything, but it makes me feel really in control!
3.) What did you find as a result of joining the Prototype Nutrition program?
The program works!   I have lost nearly 20 lbs since December while eating more calories than I was used to.  I was a little apprehensive at first to start eating so much food, and sometimes it is hard, especially with the protein, but it has really fixed my metabolism and given my body the consistency that it needed.
4.) What specific feature did you like most about this program?
I love not being limited on any foods or drink.  I feel like I can live my life, go out to dinner or have a night out on the town and still keep within my goals.  
5.)What are three ways prototype nutrition has impacted/changed your lifestyle?
This program has been a big change in how I manage my daily meals.  I now weigh and track everything every day.  I am also eating a lot more protein and carbs than I ever did.  
6.)What would be your advice to someone thinking about joining this program?
I would recommend this program without hesitation whether you want to lose weight or merely just improve the way you are fueling your body.   I think this program is a great addition to Prototype.  We can all spend hours at the gym but the reality is that nutrition is  80% of the battle.  Combining this program with a consistent workout routine is a powerful combo!
7.) Is there anything you’d like to add?
I am really glad I went outside of my comfort zone and decided to do this program.  Jon has been a fantastic coach and I really enjoy working with him!