Prototype Open Week 2 Recap. 

The second week of the 2024 Prototype Open was intense, with a challenging cardio based workout consisting of rowing, deadlifts and double unders in a 20 minute AMRAP. Despite the difficulty our competitors went after it and pushed their mind and body to their limits. 

During the second week athletes also competed in Challenge 24.2! The challenge was holding a handstand for the longest amount of time as possible. At the end the top 3 finishers for men and woman earned 5 points for their team! 

The top finishers (male and female) for challenge 24.2 were Tim Welch, Brendan Sheehan, Griffin Barriere, Coreen Williamson, Gillian Barry, and Jess Clancy! Team Yellow gaining those top points with that girl power! Coreen with an unbelievable time of 3 minutes! 

After challenge 24.2 and WOD 24.2 the points were scored as follows: top finishers for the RX and scaled categories each earned 5 points for their team. Everyone who completed the WOD earned 1 point. Everyone who completed the challenge earned 1 point. Top 3 finishers for the challenge earned 5 points each. Winners of our head to head challenge also won 5 points for their team.

WOD 24.2 was a 20 minute AMRAP of a 300m row, 10 deadlifts, and 50 double unders. 

On Friday night we had our second head to head competition of this years Open. It was battle of the coaches with Michelle Lamb subbing in for Tommy Flynn while he was away. Abhi Das, Melanie Rivera, Asmahan Olivia and Michelle Lamb took on 24.2 to earn points for their team. It was a close one but at the end Abhi took home first place, with Michelle coming in second. The whole time Melanie and Asmahan were neck and neck but with seconds to spare Asmahan got in just one more rep and took third place. 

At the end of the night there was tears shed, lots of sweat and a very much needed drink after completing the workout. Some athletes achieved personal bests, and others surprised themselves with how much they were able to accomplish. Regardless of the score everyone left feeling proud of themselves for completing the workout when it never seemed to end and grateful for the community that we have built who kept us going when we wanted to quit.

Just like last week this week we selected our award winners for passion, spirit, top performance, and hard worker. Passion award was given to Dan McCarthy, Spirit went to Bath Varner, Top Performer went to Coreen Williamson, and Hard Worker went to Sandy Brock! Dan is always in the gym cheering everyone on regardless of what team they’re in. Beth has brought the spirit with her green attire, bringing in drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy and even helping out her captain putting scores in when needed. Coreen had an amazing performance with 24.2 challenge holding the handstand for 3 minutes! And Sandy has come to open gym every Sunday to complete the workout AGAIN to try and get a better score for herself!