The third workout of the Prototype Open was a huge success! It  was a 12 minute crusher of double unders, pull ups, and thrusters, but everyone crushed it!

Check out some action shots of 22.3 along with some more details!

Every week we get things going with a Head-to-Head showdown and this week didn’t disappoint!

This was an awesome battle between Big Mo and Abhi Das. Both athletes competed hard with Big Mo taking home the victory!

Check out Coach Brian taking us through 22.3:

Some action shots of 22.3!

Team Miyagi-Do had a great performance this week edging out Cobra Kai in 22.3. Will it be enough to take the lead in the overall score? Keep scrolling down to see who won the challenge and is leading on the cumulative scoreboard!

Challenge 3.3 (Week 3, Challenge 3)!

This week’s challenge was one of endurance and skill; both teams got another crack at double unders after having them in 22.3. Here are some pics from our members group of athletes completing the challenge!

Now for the Challenge 3.3’s results!

Despite losing 22.3 Cobra Kai held some ground on the overall scoreboard by beating Miyagi-Do by only 4 points in this week’s challenge!


Now what you all have been waiting for. The total score going into 22.4!

Team Cobra Kai has maintained their lead despite losing 22.3. Cobra Kai did edge out Miyagi-Do in this week’s challenge helping them keep the lead!

Miyagi-Do still has some time to close the gap but it’s crunch time now!! Lets see if Miyagi-Do can keep the momentum going and get another win in 22.4!!