12108929_903635659724497_1612030395163916691_nOne way to get better at something is to understand why it was invented in the first place. If necessity is the mother of invention, why did CrossFit come about, and what need was it fulfilling? Let’s take a look.
Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai were a married couple who opened a gym in Santa Cruz, California in 1996 with the idea of a simplified but intense exercise program that didn’t use a lot of fancy equipment. CrossFit as the company we know today was formed in 2000. The first affiliate gym was CrossFit North in Seattle. By 2005 there were 13 CrossFit gyms, meaning more than two a year were opening. That was nothing compared to the growth experienced in the next decade, because today there are more than 13,000 official CrossFit gyms in the world.
CrossFit is about a workout that is constantly varied “functional movement performed at high intensity.” The constantly varied part means that the entire body gets a workout, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the WOD, or Workout of the Day. Each day brings an exercise that will work a new set of muscle groups so that you’re healthy throughout your body, including your heart. CrossFit also focuses on functional movement, which means increasing your strength and flexibility so that you’re stronger in ways that matter. Finally, CrossFit workouts are done at high-intensity so that you’re burning fat and increasing muscle as quickly as possible. CrossFit fits all of the exercise into a shorter time than any other workout.
crossfit 2CrossFit has swept the nation for one good reason…it works! If you think CrossFit might be for you, contact us and we can arrange a time to show you exactly what it’s all about.