Prototype Open 24.3 recap

The last week of the 2024 Prototype Open came to a close and it was a huge success! During the past few weeks the entire gym came together to challenge themselves and their teammates, pushing each other beyond their comfort zones. The competition was intense, the energy was electric and everyone left here sweating! 

The final challenge of the open was max burpees to a plate in 2:30 minutes. The top finishers each earned 5 points for their team. Tommy Flynn, Mark Hardin and Jon Collette had the top scores for men. Kim Hardin, Nicole St. Pierre, Michelle Lamb and Nicole Croteau held the top scores for woman. Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge and earned a point for their team. 

The last WOD of the 2024 Open was extremely challenging like we all expected it to be. The workout consisted of 5 rounds of thrusters (95/65#) and chest to bar pull ups, followed by 1 minute rest, and then another 5 rounds of thrusters (135/95#) and bar muscle ups with a 15 minute time cap. 

The last head to head at the end of the night during the last heat was intense. The energy in the gym was contagious, everyone was fired up. The 4 athletes brave enough to go to head to head on 24.3 were Mark DiRienzo representing the Red Team, Tim Welch representing Blue Team, Mike Collette representing Yellow Team and Jon Collette representing Green Team. As the athletes battled it out, each trying to outperform the others to gain the most points for their team, everyone in the gym cheered them on rooting for their team. It was a close competition but at the end Mike Collette came out victorious!

The highlight of the week was Friday Night Lights, where everyone came together to celebrate the end of the competition, the goals they accomplished and to enjoy food and drinks. Athletes, coaches, and judges all participated in the festivities all through the night. It was a great way to end the last week of the Open with lots of laughs, and surrounded by a great supportive community! 

Our award winners for the final week were Gaurav Batra, Betty Lee, Gianni DiRienzo and Marc Dobay. Gaurav won the Most Passion award he laid it all on the line Friday night really stepping out of his comfort zone. Betty won Team Spirit award for her devotion to her team and being a team player, coming in during open gym to help judge those who had yet to complete the workout, cheering on each one of her teammates but also those on other teams. During Friday Night Lights she judged Melanie and pushed her to continue on. Gianni won hardest worker award because he was the youngest member to complete the scaled workout and finish it making it as one of the top performers for men. Mark won top performer for his incredible effort during the last WOD. 

Although each team made valiant efforts, only one team could come out on top. Captain Tommy Flynn took Green Team to first place with a final score of 655 points! Yellow team came in close second with 602 points, Red team in third with 474 points and Blue team in fourth place with 407 points. Everyone gave the competition their all and it did not go unnoticed, congratulations to all who participated in the Prototype Open! 

While the open was challenging and stressful the rewarding feeling after completing all the workouts made it so worth it! You should all be as proud of yourself as we are for you. All in all the third week of the Prototype Open was a success and we can’t wait to see what next years open looks like!!