I’ve been in the fitness industry for close to 15 years and I’ve owned Prototype for 10 of those.

With that said, I have been fortunate to coach alongside many trainers and fitness coaches, I’ve had the pleasure of learning from many of them and I’ve also had the opportunity to coach many of them to develop their careers.

One of those coaches that came to us right out of college looking for an internship was Coach Evan. He had the willingness to learn and really wanted to pursue strength and conditioning. When he joined Prototype as an intern I thought, here is this shy and quiet kid, but he knows his stuff.

If you haven’t read any of Evan’s content you can read one of his articles here.

Evan joined Prototype just before the pandemic struck in 2020. You could tell he had a passion for youth athletics but also wanted to get involved in more than just our coaching programs.

One of the unique things about Evan is that he wanted to learn how to meet and talk to new members about our process and programs at Prototype. We call those Free No Sweat Intro sessions. I think after shadowing a few of them with Coach Steve, he shared how he wanted to do more.

Evan didn’t come to Prototype with CrossFit experience, as a matter of fact he had his degree in Exercise Science and was a former D1 track athlete. But he wanted to learn and wanted to grow.

A couple stories come to mind… during one of our sit down meetings (we call them Career Roadmaps), he shared how he had a goal of buying a Tesla. We mapped out how to get there and one day, he rolls into work in his brand new Model 3… pretty awesome.

As the months rolled on, I can remember at our 2021 Holiday Party, Evan showed off his beatboxing skills on the mic. To everyone’s surprise, he not only blew us all away but became the life of the party.

It’s cool to see someone grow and transform over such a short period of time and also achieve their goals over that time.

Recently Evan was accepted into Nursing school and is moving on to pursue another career path where I assume he will grow and shine just like he did at Prototype.

Thank you for all that you’ve done and given to this community. You will be missed but this isn’t a goodbye, just a “see you later”


Mike and Team