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-10 jumping jacks

-20 kangaroos

-10 tempo air squats

-10 shoulder taps

Active hamstring

Walk the dog + pike pass through

Hip opener

Spiderman complex w/ hip lift

Inchworm w/ push up

Lateral lunge w/ shoulder flexion

4 point squat

Specific prep

*Coaches choice


Brian Mullin Tribute WOD (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Brian Mullin Date of Birth:


27 min Amrap W/3 person team:

Partner 1:

400m run

Partner 2 and 3 Amrap:

3 Strict Pullups

27 Goblet Squats

67 Double Unders

(Score rounds and reps on Amrap)

-Split Amrap however you would like

-When Partner 1 returns, Partner 2 will


Alternate Options:

Strict pullups?

-Renegade rows

-Inverted row

-DB/KB/BB/Odd object row

Goblet squat?

-Jump squat

Double Under?

-Single unders

-Double taps