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For this nutrition edition of the Community Conversation, Prototype Nutrition Coach Jon Collette and Prototype Nutrition’s Registered Dietitian, Sam Hally will be discussing our upcoming 24 Heroes in 24 Hours event. If you’re looking to learn more about nutrition for yourself or pick up some tips, you will want to check this out!

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Jon 0:03
Alright, welcome to the community conversation. Sam and I are back with another nutrition episode, this one is specifically going to talk about the 24 hero workout for 24 hours in how to

Sam 0:57
what would you recommend? For sure, so today is well, when everyone hears this, it’ll be Thursday. And we’re starting Saturday morning. So that’s a day and a half of time to properly hydrate. And that’s probably the biggest thing is that hydration is

good. Hydrogen is a thing that like makes or breaks like endurance races. So this is like something that you would look at as like a big event and you want to make sure that you’re hydrated from the start. It’s great to hydrate Jacob, like, don’t get me wrong. But starting off, well hydrated is going to save you in the long run. So I would say first things first, like, everyone needs to drink at minimum, like 80 ounces of water a day leading up to the event. I mean, that’s like at least what I want everyone drinking on a regular basis. But if you don’t do that already, start doing it now. So I think first step is hydration. And then like second step is food. And from my perspective, I would go in eating pretty much what you normally eat, and making sure that you’re just getting a really good balance of proteins, fats and carbs. John, do you want to kind of break down what that looks like and what people should be eating? I guess a little more specifically.

Jon 2:10
So I mean, I get so is your question like asking like what protein carbs and fats foods look like? Is that your question?

Sam 2:19
Yeah. Or like some meal ideas for people leading up to the event over these next couple of days? might be helpful.

Jon 2:26
Yeah, so I guess it would be Yeah, like, so I mean, some breakfast ideas could be like doing you know, like a bagel with a couple eggs. It could be doing like cereal with like a Greek yogurt. It could be doing like, you know, a protein shake. And a banana like depends on like your appetite. I’m talking I’m thinking more like, just this is just like general like overall, like how, like a like a healthy like way to start your day, the day of I would personally try to give yourself a little bit of room, especially if you’re so I’ll use myself as an example. Like I’m doing the first three workouts. Um, first workout starts at seven o’clock, I’m gonna want to go ahead and like, you know, wake up at five o’clock, and I’m going to have like, I have cereal every day. So I’m just going to have my normal breakfast, I’m gonna, but that’s like, that’s what I would do is I’d have something that’s like carb heavy, have oatmeal have like some cereal, but give yourself like enough time to like digest it. So I’m going to eat it like 515 ish. And then it’s going to give me over an hour to like digest and also try to like hydrate the morning of a do the workout. The first one has like a 100. chest to bar pull ups 100 thrusters, it’s broken up between three people and then it’s a six mile run. Six Mile Run is you’re running with your team, you’re running two miles. Remember, we can scale any of this stuff to what’s appropriate to us. But we just just to put like context behind it, you’re going to be doing a decent amount of running in that workout. And whether we’re lowering the volume or not, I’m sure it’s relative to you. So when you do something that is cargo base, your body’s feeling off of carbohydrates, so having a carb heavy breakfast. I personally like to have like the Kashi share because it actually has like a little bit of protein in the cereal, and then I have a cup of milk with it. So I get like 25 grams of protein with that cereal. I think the cereal has like I don’t know, I have two servings and it has like nine grams of protein per serving. So it’s like 18 there and then a cup of milk is like another eight so it’s like 20 Something grams of protein, but a higher amount of carbohydrates for for that meal. Now I don’t know if I’m answering your question, but did you want like meal ideas for like lunches and dinner? like the day before, like how to be able to eat like leading up to the net that actual day.

Sam 5:08
Yeah, like so what would you eat and like the day before, so like Friday breakfast is going to be your normal lunch is going to be also your normal.

Jon 5:16
I really wouldn’t change too much if I would probably have a higher carb dinner though, right? Yeah, honestly, like, it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing as long as you’re having like the timing of if you have it at nighttime, or if you have it earlier in the day, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re getting enough carbohydrates throughout the day before to accumulate replenishing your glycogen because some of you guys are going to work out on either Thursday or Friday, I’m sure you’re not going to rest starting on Wednesday and taking the next few days off. But either way, like you need to replenish stored carbohydrates that have been lost your body stores carbohydrates in the form of glycogen, your body can store like up to 400 grams of carbs. So having more reserved glycogen in your body stored carbohydrates, you’re going to be able to utilize that for during your workout. So that’s what I would try to really prioritize making sure that I’m not neglecting carbohydrates, right? So you can think like, okay, like I ate a really healthy lunch of like a salad and chicken. That is great. But that’s totally different than having like, that’s a lower carbohydrate meal like that. That can be a great way to get protein and a great way to get a lot of like nutritious foods in. But you still want to go ahead and try to like get carbohydrates in your meals. So I would use that salad as a side dish to my like, my rice, my race or my pasta, or something along the line to that.

Sam 6:53
Day, you’re doing three back to back workouts. Yeah. So what’s your strategy going into it in terms of like your breakfast is gonna be normal a couple hours before you work out? Do you have plans for snacks? Do you have plans for post workout meals talk to everyone about that?

Jon 7:07
Yeah, so I haven’t thought exactly about it. But this is kind of my general of what I’m probably anticipate I’m going to do, I’m going to eat like a normal breakfast, I’m going to do the first workout I’m going to have, I’m going to have Gatorade. Or like vitamin water, something along the lines of that one that has sugar in it not like the zero sugar like this is where like, it’s really important to understand the context behind why we would select certain things, you would want to have something like that, because it’d be easy on your stomach and that first workout pretty long that you’re not going to have a ton of time to go ahead and eat much. So like some Gatorade would be really good, like, probably like drinking, I don’t know, like eight to 12 ounces of Gatorade before starting that second workout. The second workout is now we’re not going to go through all 24 By the way we don’t. But the second workout is five rounds for time with a partner this one is in my opinion, a little less intensive, because you actually have like a little bit more rest. It’s I’m thinking off the top of my head, but it’s I think it’s like 30 it has it has deadlift, situps and 200 meter run. So it’s a 400 meter run, but you’re doing it in 200 meter relay. So if Sam and I are partners, I’d run 200 Then she’d run 200. And then we’d split up 30 setup, so 1515 And then we’re splitting up 15 deadlifts for five rounds. So there’s going to be like a little bit of rest in there. But that workouts probably in total we’re going to take about, it’s probably going to take about 25 minutes. So that means that you’re going to have about 30 minutes, you can actually eat a little something and digest I mean, you’re not going to probably eat anything super heavy. But that would be something that maybe eating like half of peanut butter and jelly sandwich might actually feel pretty good. Like something that is simpler, right? Where you maybe don’t want to have like, like high fiber bread or anything like that, you might want to have something that’s a little bit lighter on your stomach. So maybe like like a like a white bread honestly, or, you know, like a like holy role or something like that with like a little bit of turkey and cheese, something that you can go ahead and get some calories in and that’s going to, you know, not be super heavy on your stomach. I would probably go ahead and do like, I’d probably need like a like a pure protein bar or something like that. If it was that early in the morning and I already did like one workout it didn’t have protein after it. I’d probably go ahead and do like a like a like a protein bar like 200 Calorie like protein bar or something like that. And then when I did the third workout then I’d have like, like a meal after it.

Sam 9:53
So it’s like your three are back to back. So it’s like three hours of exercise but snacking and hydrating in between with like normal breakfast normal lunch for you.

Jon 10:02
Yeah, I’d probably bring like, for me doing the first three workouts, I’d probably bring two Gatorades. And we’re also gonna have no Brendan’s bringing, he’s gonna have like his coffeemaker here and whatnot. I don’t know, if I would actually have that or, or not. Some people would need that during the nighttime, but um, there’s, we’re gonna have like fruit here as well. So something like along the lines of that, like fruit would be good, like, something that’s going to give you a little more sugar, anything along the lines, that would be like a really good idea. Now, if you’re doing like, someone like Garrett who’s doing 24 hours, you can’t go ahead and just like, you can’t go 24 hours off Gatorade, right. So you would, what I would do is I would look at the workouts and the workouts that are going to give you the most amount of rest that are going to be the quickest ones. That’s our plan on having more substance. Or you’re actually going to be able to give yourself a little bit of time to to digest like your food a little bit, but at No, at no point you’re ever going to be eating like a normal meal. Dahlen be more like probably every two to three hours, you’re probably going to have like, like more like a snack like every like after every workout, you’ll probably have 100 calories of like Gatorade, you might have like 200 calories of like a protein bar similarly about every few workouts and then you might have like half a sandwich here and there little things along the lines of that like um, your body use it will will prefer carbohydrates, but you’re also probably going to want things like like almonds are peanuts, like something like that you can get some quick calories in that aren’t going to be really heavy on your stomach. Like those are all really good like snack ideas to be able to bring to the gym like granola bars, like things like that. That can just be like not super heavy, not super filling.

Sam 12:07
Yeah, good point. I think about them as like hiking snacks. I don’t know if anyone listening is a big hiker. I don’t know if your big hiker John. But it’s like things that you don’t need refrigeration for that have a lot of calories in them. It’s like these are the situations where like this is the reason like Clif bars were invented, right? Like they’re high in carbs not super high in protein. That would be something to eat. pb&j. Awesome. I’m a big fan of like a tortilla with like some hummus and Turkey or hummus and cheese as a quick digesting food, their trail mix pretzels, fruit snacks, those little crackers Joe actually has them in the back for his weightlifting club. You know the ones with like the pre made ones with like the cheese or the peanut butter in them. Yep. Yep. What are they called? I think they’re great like Lance crackers or something. But like little things like that, that you can have that are really easy to eat quickly, aren’t going to upset your stomach and like definitely are like, pack a punch when it comes to calories. Like Now’s not the time to eat three cups of broccoli in one sitting. Yeah, that would be not conducive to working out.

Jon 13:10
You mentioned pretzels that’s like a pretzels or goldfish. Those are like actually really good ideas. Because when we sweat guys, you’re going to be sweating out a lot of salt. So it’s actually not a bad idea to have something that is has a little bit more added salt in it like a pretzel or a goldfish or something like that. Because if you if you don’t replenish that sodium through like your Gatorade or anything like that, you want to try to balance out your electrolytes hydrating and having that you also get it through food probably started to ramp up a little bit and stuff like that of our salt and take it a little bit low because we sweat out sodium. So like the pretzel and goldfish and Sam mentioned those are like really good ideas for you know actually feeling your best as you’re doing like several workouts in a row. And not too many of you are doing 24 of these workouts. So we don’t have to get like overwhelmed but some of you guys are doing you know three or six. Some of you guys are doing like three in a row leaving and then coming back and doing another three or four workouts that time in between that’s when you want to go ahead and like get your you know get the most amount of calories try to fuel up because you’re you’re not going to be having like a ton of ton at one so. So if you were like what would like what would you also recommend in the sense of after you just done three of these workouts? What would you recommend people do like if they’re like I’m doing three and then I’m done like me? What would you recommend that someone does after that?

Sam 14:49
You like a good meal and something you enjoy? And I think people sometimes get really fixated on like, oh, I worked out like I I need to eat Like the healthiest thing possible, or vice versa, I’m just gonna eat the most unhealthy thing I can get my hands on, because I’m ravenous. It’s like eat like you would usually eat just a bigger portion. So, spaghetti and meatballs, great post workout meal, especially if you’re doing several in a row. Any like rice, chicken broccoli kind of deal, you know, like that meets all the macros, I’m thinking back, I ran a half marathon and like immediately had a couple slices of pizza, like that was my post workout meal. So it’s like if you can get a meal that has good amount of carbohydrates, but now is building in the protein and some solid fats, that’s where you want to go. Whereas like before, and during the workout, it’s like carbs are your primary macronutrient. But then post workout protein. So if like that means immediately after you workout protein shake needs to come first because like you’re sticking around for two extra hours. And like cheering people on then like make sure you’re getting your protein. And I think we touched on it last week. But I like to say like you want to eat protein to carbs in a one to two to one to four ratio. And basically what that means is, carbs should have, or you should get twice as many carbs as you do protein. Right. So if you’re eating, or if you’re drinking a protein shake of like 30 grams of carbs, then you want to get sick, sorry, I’m losing my mind, it’s only Wednesday. If you’re getting a protein shake of 30 grams of protein, you want to make sure that you get like 60 grams of carbs in that. And 60 grams of carbs, it’s like nothing to laugh about, like we want to make sure that we’re getting probably close to like a cup and a half to two cups of rice with that, you know, 30 grams of protein shake, you really do want to make sure that you’re replenishing. And like John said, like your muscle glycogen is going to be depleted. Especially if you’re doing three, four, or five, even six, even 24 workouts. So getting a whole complete meal with more carbs than you probably think you need. Definitely a good idea.

Jon 16:59
Yeah, and I’d also recommend too is as tempting as it can be, like, try not to drink alcohol. Like as soon as you’re done doing or these hard workouts like I would try to fuel yourself like drink a little bit of water. And if you do want to have like some alcohol, like I’d really tried to, like, not have the hardest alcohol possible and try to live them out. Right? Like if you have one beer, it’s not gonna be too bad. But if you have like, three or four drinks, and especially if you’re like adding in some like next drinks or something like that, like your, your recovery is going to be pretty trash. And if you’re doing a lot of workouts and you’re drinking alcohol, there can actually be some issues that arise, I’d really try to limit your alcohol intake, especially if you’re doing several workouts in a row. Um, that’s just like a disclaimer, like alcohol. Yeah, like, I can’t, I can’t go ahead and spend that alcohol is good for you, it’s fine to have some times but like it’s got, it’s not going to make you feel it’s going to make your soreness feel worse if you have too much of that. So I’ll just I’ll just leave it at that. Um, I think the last thing that we didn’t mention is probably just get a good night’s sleep the day before the day before that, try to prioritize like, your recovery leading up to it, right. So like being well rested, not like drinking the day before and then coming to the gym and then doing several workouts, it’s just a bad formula. So just trying to like take care of yourself leading up to it, it’s gonna be a lot of fun, these workouts are going to be a little hard, it’s going to get you out of your comfort zone, but it’s nothing that we can handle. Um, you know, just take care of body listen to it, and it’s gonna be a good time. Sam, any, anything that we didn’t mention.

Sam 18:49
I think we covered a lot. Um, I am going to go live on Friday in the Facebook group. So if people do have more questions, that’s like prime time to ask it you get real time feedback from me and ask super specific questions if you’d like you said anything. 11 o’clock on Friday. Yep. Leading up to it. So you have time to go the grocery store if you need to purchase food. But other than that, I think we covered a good amount of things. I think if we cover anything more, we’re gonna get into in the weeds. And really what it boils down to is like sleep well. Stay hydrated and eat well. Leading up to during and after the event. And you’ll feel great. It’s like any other workout at the gym. If you do one of these workouts, you’ve already done harder workouts at the gym. You can make it through Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun ride. I’m super excited.

Jon 19:39
Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be great. Oh, and also I’m gonna pick up some Rocco’s doughnuts. So I have some Rocco’s up there, the new calories after or if they need to have a quarter of a Rocco’s donor to go ahead and get themselves through another workout. Like that’ll be there.

Sam 19:54
I love it. Yeah.

Jon 19:58
All right, awesome. So again, Sam going live on Friday at 11 o’clock. So that would be a live q&a For any of you guys that have any questions on the 2424 nutrition, how to fuel yourself like tune into that, but guys, thank you for listening if you listen this far, thank you and have a good rest of your day.