Last week we kicked off the 2024 Prototype Open with our first challenge, as well as our head to head battle! The 2024 Open will be an exciting one, with new challenges and workouts that will have the athletes of all teams pushing their limits! 

The first head-to-head challenge took place Friday night. Each team picked one person to compete in the challenge. Damon Walsh (Team Blue), Nicole Croteau (Yellow Team), Tommy Flynn (Green Team), and Nunu Phan (Red Team). Where Tommy finished first!  It was a showdown of epic proportions, the four competitors took on WOD 24.1 to gain the most points for their team. This week we will be announcing the next four competitors that will face each other for the next head to head! 

The first workout of the 2024 CrossFit Open was a challenge, testing athletes’ strength, endurance and mental toughness. WOD 24.1 was for time with a 15 minute time cap, consisting of 21, 15, 9 DB snatches and burpees. But it wasn’t that simple, having to complete all 21 DB snatches on one arm, following a set of 21 burpees, back to 21 DB snatches on the opposite arm and another set of 21 burpees, and so on. 

For the duration of the Open, all classes on Friday will be the workout for the open. New for this year we will be having our head-to-heads every Friday during the 5:30pm class. Come to the gym to cheer your team on! 

The first challenge of the open was 1 min max double unders. The top three men and women each earned 5 points for their team, while each participant earned one. More challenges to come this week.

The vibe in the gym this past week was contagious, with members cheering on their teams and getting in the competitive spirit! Continue wearing the Prototype Open shirts with your teams colored headband to represent your team. 

The Most Passion award goes to the competitor who was the most fired up this week. They cheer others on and get super into all of the challenges and WODS. The Team Spirit award goes to the person who went all out and dressed up in their teams color and brought good energy to the gym. The Hardest Working award goes to the competitor who gave it their all in the WOD and the challenges. The Top Performer award goes to the competitor with the top performance with a remarkable score from the week. First week awards are going to: Marybeth Costello for Team Spirit, Abhi Das for Most Passion, Griffin Barriere for Hard Working, and Jack Levy for Top Performer! 

Our top finishers for this weeks WOD all contributed five points to their team, and all of our award winners earned five points for their team as well. Everyone who completed the workout earned one point! Congratulations to TEAM GREEN who is currently leading with 186 points!