12108929_903635659724497_1612030395163916691_nWhile CrossFit Prototype is known best for its CrossFit classes, we also offer top-notch personal training services. So you might ask, why would someone choose a personal trainer over joining one of our CrossFit classes?

A Personal Trainer Gets To Know You

When you start working with a fitness trainer, they’re going to be your teacher. Because they’re with you from the beginning of your journey, they become familiar with your abilities, your strengths, your limitations, and even the injuries you’ve suffered in the past that might limit your movement. You fitness instructor can alter the workout to what you need.

One-On-One Attention

While you’ll get instruction and attention in small group training or with CrossFit, you’ll never get more attention than you will with a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer ensures you’re doing every exercise as efficiently as possible, which can lead to less soreness and fewer injuries.

One-On-One Motivationpersonal trainer 1

Different people respond to different types of motivation. Some people love small group training because it gives them someone else to compete with in a friendly way. Others are motivated by doing their best to impress the teacher, or, in this case, the personal trainer. If you’re one of the latter types of people, personal training might be the way for you.
So, which do you choose? A personal trainer or CrossFit classes? Luckily, you don’t have to at our CrossFit gym, because you can take part in both activities and get the ultimate workout. Ready to sign up? Contact us right here.