new-hero-1-1It will come as no surprise that many people come to our fitness gym for CrossFit classes. After all, we’re called CrossFit Prototype, and CrossFit is what we specialize in. We’re also known for personal training, where a fitness trainer will give you 100% of their attention for a full hour.
If you need more personal attention than a CrossFit Class but require less attention than you’d get with a physical trainer, what do you do? We’d like to suggest small group training. Small group training is a perfect fit for some of our customers; is it a perfect fit for you? Read on to find out.

SGT Works If You Enjoy the Competition

If you enjoy working with others so that you can compete directly with them, small group training might be for you. Being in a small group isn’t about competing with others, but there’s no doubt that it’s going to happen. Still, we’ve found that something works even better than competition, and that’s encouragement.

What If You Need The Encouragement?

small group training 1In small groups, we work together. We’re there to help each other move forward with fitness goals, and it feels good to help others overcome obstacles. If you like encouragement from a few select people, small group training might be exactly what you’re looking for.
If small group training sounds right for you, find out more about it and how much it costs. We want to help you reach your goals by whatever means necessary, and look forward to helping you get healthier!