If you’ve been finding it challenging to work out, you’re not alone.

Hey CFP! Coach Mike here and I want to talk a little bit about working out : )
Let’s face it, working out can be hard. The biggest challenge, however, tends to be our ability to walk through the doors of the gym, not the actual physical activity.
Why is that?
It comes down to several factors but at the end of the day, it’s how we plan and prioritize or fitness.
There are going to be days when you’re sick, your kids are sick, you absolutely can’t leave work, you’re up before 4am and home after 8pm…yes, that those days will happen.
But we know that isn’t every day. So why let these challenges change the course of our habits and take you off course of your goals?
It most often comes down to one word… accountability.
If we have goals and aren’t making the progress we would like, we need to look in the mirror and hold ourselves accountable to the standards we have set for ourselves.
Life and progress are never linear or a straight line. You will get off track and you hit bumps in the road but that can’t take you off your journey.
If you find yourself not exercising as often as you know you should and also find it really difficult to hold yourself accountable, guess what? We can help with that.
You have a team of coaches that are here to help you.
When was the last time you sat down with a coach to talk goals or to help hold you accountable to them?
THAT IS WHAT WE DO and we are MORE than happy to spend the time to do that with you. Our goal is to help you reach your goals. It can be humbling to ask for help, but asking and receiving is much better than not doing anything at all.
If you need help, just email me (mike@crossfitprototype.com) we got you!