“19.1 is….”

#CFPFamily: The CrossFit Open and The Prototype Open is here!
If you have been following the CrossFit Open for some time now, CrossFit HQ has changed some things.

  1. Dave Castro didn’t announce 19.1
  2. Regionals aren’t here anymore, now they have sanctioned events for the elite CrossFit athletes to get to the games.
  3. It’s much more like the Olympics where the fittest in your respective country gets a bid to the Games.
  4. They let go of a ton of media staff because they’re not putting as much energy and money into it.
  5. CrossFit HQ is fully focused on CrossFit Health.

The changes to the games season and the Open structure are what they are. For most people, it doesn’t affect them really at all. Time will only tell how this will impact the competitive side of CrossFit and for all the CrossFit Games fans out there you may be a little upset about how things were announced, I get it.
Despite the changes to the CrossFit Open, it truly has had little to no effect on our gym!  This year, we had our second biggest turn out for the CrossFit Open with over 120 of our AMAZING members sign up! The reason? For the last 5 years we have been running our intramural open called The Prototype Open as a way to get our community involved and create more spirit around the CrossFit Open. The best part is that ANYONE can do it! It doesn’t matter your fitness level, if you can Rx or have to further scale the CrossFit Open workout. You get to step outside your comfort zone and contribute to your team!
As many of you know, we have two teams that will go head to head each week led by our 2018 Community Members of the year, Dr. Annie Powell and Col. Brent French!
Each week we will share some highlights, update you on the points and give you a full breakdown of some of the amazing performances from each workout! These will be blogged and posted up on our CrossFit Prototype Facebook page so make sure you give it a read!
These next few weeks are going to be AWESOME at CFP! Make sure to give your team a shout out each week #TeamAbominable or #BabyGotBlack