My favorite conversation to have with people who are interested in CrossFit or have questions is answering and blowing through some of the common myths associated with CrossFit’s training program.
If you are unfamiliar with CrossFit, CrossFit is combination  of various functional movements that are constantly  varied and executed at high intensities. With that said, intensity is relative to each individual person, making this program inclusive and universally scalable for everyone!
So, you will be challenged everyday with different stimuli and exercises to promote well balanced fitness. The most important part is that it makes fitness fun and it works!
As I advise anyone who wants to try something new, do your due diligence and research! You want to find a quality CrossFit box that will meet your individual needs and has a quality track record. With that said, rock on and enjoy the read!
Here is a list of the most common myths associated with CrossFit.
1.) “I heard if you do CrossFit you are  going to get hurt?”
– First off, why would anyone do something if you were guaranteed injury?And if everyone got hurt, why by year end will there be close to 5000 CrossFit affiliates worldwide? If everyone was getting hurt, CrossFit wouldn’t be growing and being the most effective training program out there, it WOULDN’T be successful in that case!
-Second, speaking from  personal experience as a personal  trainer and CrossFit coach, functional movement promotes functional fitness and increased quality of life. CrossFit promotes movement seen everyday. Granted, some of the CrossFit movements are extremely challenging and you wouldn’t see them everyday,  but not everyone is expected to be able to do a muscle up or snatch 200lbs over their head. Everyone needs to squat, deadlift, press, jump and land, run, pull etc. These movements are natural and promote healthy joint integrity if done correctly.
As you will see at quality CrossFit boxes, instruction and attention to detail with form, technique and exercise efficiency in unparalleled to most personal trainers you might come across.
-Finally, the majority of people coming in to workout at any fitness facility whether it is a CrossFit or a big box globo gym, previous history of injury is typical. Just to let you know, if you are experiencing pain and don’t do anything about it and just try to “wish it” away, chances are is that injury will come back to bite you! Take care of your body by regular flexibility training, self myofascial release, massage, physical therapy and oh yeah, functional exercise! So in summary, if you are in pain and don’t attempt to fix those nagging injuries they might surface so let you CrossFit coach/Personal trainer know about your previous history of injury to possibly prevent recurring pain and/or fix the problem!
2.) “CrossFit doesn’t care about form”
Not only is this typically highly subjective by the so called “CrossFit haters” but it is extremely untrue. The majority of people that I have heard say that never have stepped into a CrossFit facility ever. So how can you say that? Lets put it this way; I can assume that there are some personal trainers that don’t know the difference between a squat and a deadlift. There are doctors that falsely prescribe medication to patients, etc. Does this ruin the credibility of these professionals? Of course not.
CrossFit is performed at high intensities and people do get competitive with it which can yield poor training habits. Your quality coaches will identify these flaws and correct them by proper cuing and instruction.
3.) “I need to get in shape before I do CrossFit, I’m only a beginner!”
False. Put it this way; everyone starts somewhere. Whether you choose to start by exercising on your own in a big gym, walk 2 hours a day or take aerobic classes, these things are better than not working out at all. But to assume that these things will get you into better shape to do CrossFit is in fact false as well. CrossFit is based on RELATIVITY. Do what  you can do and you will always improve. Like I stated before, everyone needs to squat and deadlift. Whether or not you can squat 500lbs or 5lbs, improvement can and  will be made, its just relative to you.
Any CrossFit WOD  (*workout of the day) can be scaled up or down based on the individual. So whether you get out of breath walking up stairs, we can help you and get you into the best shape of your life!
4.) “Do you lift weights in CrossFit?, because I need strength.”
Weightlifting is 1 of the 3 major fitness components in CrossFit, the other 2 being gymnastics and traditional cardiovascular exercises (mono structural metabolic conditioning). We lift weights for sure. Think about it like this; does anyone ever come into a gym with the goal in mind being, “hey I think I want to get weaker….” I don’t think so. Strength is a key component to improving in all fitness domains. If we work on the major lifts, these will have impact on your conditioning circuits, your body weight movements, hormonal responses, increases metabolic rate etc.
5.) “CrossFit is only for young Fit people”
CrossFit is truly for everyone! Everyone needs fitness and everyone needs functional movement. It is understandable that people might think only these “fire breathing beasts” do CrossFit because they are the people you see on TV and youtube. The fact is is the majority of people (especially in our box) are middle aged and looking to get Fit. Just remember, there are only about 1% of people that are at that crazy fit level. You are more likely to see your kids teacher, parent or even grandparent working out before you see a CrossFit Games competitor!
This type of training helps improve your fitness in many domains but more importantly it creates a fun community which makes you want to come back! Imagine being in an environment where fitness if the goal and community building is the net result? Everyone should be in this environment because this is the difference between continuing a training program and falling off the band wagon.
6.) “All CrossFit’s are the same”
Every CrossFit IS different. One of the greatest parts of being an affiliate of CrossFit is that it isn’t a franchise like other big gyms, meaning we run and coordinate our box however we want. Yes the CrossFit philosophy remains the same but how you decide to coach and train, specify and scale workouts etc is totally up to that affiliate. If you have a bad experience at a particular CrossFit affiliate don’t write CrossFit off entirely, maybe that box just didn’t fit your specific need which is OK because like I said, EVERYONE ONE IS DIFFERENT!
Coming from an injury prevention background, at CrossFit Prototype we take form and technique very serious. You must have the mechanics, be able to perform those mechanics consistently before we up your intensity. It’s that simple!