By: Mike Collette (Head Coach/Owner of CrossFit Prototype)
Community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals; having a particular characteristic in common. (

I like to believe that our community at CrossFit Prototype is like none other. Back in 2012 when we were establishing our business and CrossFit as a whole was taking off, we had to set a vision for our unique fitness gym. I remember sitting in the basement of my business partner’s house along with Coach Brian Zancewicz and we all began to brainstorm what it is we wanted CFP to become.

The Vision of CrossFit Prototype is to create a culture of internally-driven individuals where the community helps foster each other’s individual fitness goals. Through premier coaching and education, a great community of healthier and happier members is forged.

After we established the vision for Prototype, I will be honest in saying that I had no idea how to make that happen! All I knew was how to help others, treat people well and put a smile on someone’s face. Flash forward five years and we have what we have today and I believe we are tracking that vision.
Do great people come to our fitness gym or is it the community that creates great people? Is it the personal fitness trainers who are the key, or those who are attending? I ask this question because I honestly do not have the answer. What we do have are some responses from our survey which share why people continue to stay at CFP. You will notice that a lot of the responses have to do with the community. We would love to hear from you and what you believe!

“great people, good workouts, good coaches”

“The community and programming are excellent and hands down better than any other affiliate I have visited.”

“The skilled and careful coaching and the motivating camaraderie from other members and how good my body feels from being there.”

“I love the people and I enjoy starting each day with a workout with my friends! More than anything, I think the coaching and attention to detail at CFP is extraordinary. Whenever I come to class, I know I will receive training from coaches who are motivated, knowledgeable, and fun. The staff at CFP makes it the amazing place that it is 🙂 The programming is diverse and challenging, which keeps things exciting!”

“It has a welcoming encouraging family culture – if you are there working hard then you are part of the family.”

“Love the people and the results!”

“Great, challenging workouts and a great community. Family atmosphere.”

“Relationships formed, continued support and push by coaches”

“The community and coaching staff is one of the main reasons. I’ve met some wonderful people and enjoy spending time at CFP…”

“Having fun. Great community feel. It’s working for me!”

“The coaches and other members are awesome and make for a great atmosphere”

“Constantly different but enough the same so you can track yourself and see your progress. Also, need to hang out with friends!”

“coaches, programming, location, camaraderie”

“The supportive friendly culture”

If you want to be part of a community where people bring out other’s full potential via personal training and small group training, let us know we would love to have you in! Just contact us with the form below.

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